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How to Get Rid of Coating on Tongue

Bad breath is a condition that is thoroughly embarrassing especially if you are talking to other people. Getting it can be caused by different factors and one of the causes is poor dental hygiene and the white coating that can occur on the tongue. When you get a coating on your tongue, there are other symptoms that can occur such as difficulty chewing and burning sensation on the mouth.

Although having coating on your mouth is generally nothing to worry about, getting this is completely unnecessary and can cause bad breath. If that is not enough, in worst case scenarios, the white color on the tongue is not pleasant to look at and can turn people off if they see it.

Getting rid of the coating on tongue is not that hard. There are several ways to prevent this and remove it once it has been acquired. Aside from bad oral hygiene, you can also get this if you are dehydrated, if you smoke or if you drink lots of alcohol. The following can help you in getting rid of the coating on the tongue:

Brush your teeth

The most popular way to clean the mouth especially after eating is by brushing. Brushing the teeth may not remove all of the bacteria present in the mouth which causes the white coating, but it greatly lessens the amount of bacteria present.

Make sure that you brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice or thrice per day. Aside from brushing the teeth, you should clean the tongue while you are at it which also lessens the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth.

It would be a good idea to use toothpaste that has oxygenating properties. They have chemical properties that can help in removing the coating on the tongue as long as it is done regularly.

Use small amounts of mouthwash

Mouthwash is a great way to refresh your breath but there are varieties of mouthwash that can dry your mouth. If you have purchased strong mouthwashes, mix it with a small amount of water to lessen its effect. If you can purchase mouthwash that are water based or alcohol free since they do not have properties that can dry the mouth.

Use a tongue scraper

Other than brushing the tongue, you can purchase a tongue scraper that can thoroughly lessen bacteria that lingers on the tongue. Regularly performing this can help remove the coating on the tongue and together with regularly brushing the teeth, it can remove the coating that may have accumulated overtime.

A change in lifestyle may be necessary

As discussed earlier, the coating on the tongue can be caused by smoking or too much alcohol intake. If the coating does not go away, consider stopping these habits for a while as this can help getting rid of the coating on the tongue. The effects of stopping these vices can even be greater since smoking and drinking can damage the body.

Visit a dentist

If you feel that you have performed the necessary steps to remove the coating on the tongue to no avail, it’s time that you visit the dentist. They will be able to diagnose the symptoms and provide the appropriate suggestions in getting rid of the coating on the tongue. They would also have the right set of tools that they can use to remove coating on tongue on the spot.

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