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How to Get Rid of Cologne Smell

Spraying cologne in the body has been a part of our personal hygiene. We can’t seem to get out of the house without the added scent colognes can provide. There are colognes that can smell really nice although there are colognes that are so strong that you just want to get it off the moment you spray it on.

It is also possible that some people would be allergic to the reaction of the cologne in the body when some are just totally fine with it. The smell of cologne can linger on the air and on the skin for quite a long time especially if they are concentrated. If too much cologne is used, it can cause nausea to people who are sensitive to the smell.

Cologne scent can be removed but there are times that they can be stubborn. There are several methods that can be performed to get rid of cologne smell. To save yourself from the headache that you can get from cologne smell, you can observe the following steps that can make it easier for you:

Natural ventilation can help

If you have problems with cologne smell in the air, the best way to get rid of it is by circulating the air inside the room. If you are in a room that has windows, it would be a good idea to open it to allow the air out of the room. If you have an exhaust system, it would be great to turn them on for at least 2 to 3 minutes or until the smell of the cologne is gone.

Lessen the strength with water

If you get cologne smell on your skin, you can rinse it off with water although this just lightens the smell of the cologne rather than completely removing them. You can also apply wet towel on the surface of the skin where you sprayed the cologne on. Make sure that the water is cold and that you rub it on the skin.

Remember that this will not completely remove the smell of the cologne however this is the best way to weaken the smell which is a good preparation before applying anything else to remove the smell of the cologne.

Heat clothes up

If you have sprayed too much cologne on your clothes, chances are they could stay there for a long time. One of the best solutions to get rid of cologne smell for this scenario is by applying heat to the fabric. Rather than ironing them piece per piece, you can put them inside the dryer as heat can help dissipate the smell.

Wash and air dry

If you just wash the clothes with soap and water, they usually won’t get rid of the smell of the cologne. After washing the clothes, be sure to air dry your clothes outside the house as this would also lessen the chances of making the smell of the cologne stay on your clothes.

Use an air purifier

Have you seen the device retail chains use on clothes that are hanging in their stores? These are air purifiers; they keep your clothes from smelling bad. Retail stores use them to make sure that the clothes that they sell would still smell new even after days or weeks of hanging in the open without washing. You can use the same machine if you know someone who owns one or purchase it if you have the budget.

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