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How to Get Rid of Conficker Worm

Before the age of the internet, the computer has limited use. You can just imagine today, if you don’t have an internet connection, there are just a number of things that you can do with your computer. The internet changed the way people uses the internet and made the machine a million times useful that without it.

With the benefit of being able to access millions of information from the comfort of your own home come security risks. The most popular of these risks are computer viruses or worms. These can be acquired from different sources such as websites and downloaded materials. One type of computer worm that infects Windows based PC is the Conficker Worm.

This type of worm allows other users to connect to your PC remotely and send out various SPAM emails as well as infect other PCs. If not removed, this can also install malicious software that can damage your computer. The following can help you avert disaster:

Install Anti Virus Software

The best way of getting rid of Conficker worm is by not acquiring it at all. There are several ways to get it. A simple USB plugged in or a file download exposes your system to the sources of this worm. The best way to protect your computer is by installing antivirus software which can detect and remove any threats to your computer even before they get in.

Anti virus software can be purchased and since computer threats are updated almost daily, you can download updates for the software as well. You can download free anti virus software as well but be sure that they came from reliable sources.

If in any case, the conficker worm has made its way through your computer, detect it and remove it immediately using the anti virus threat removal tool.

Scan your computer

Some malware or computer virus can go undetected until you perform a scan on your computer. By performing a scheduled scan of the computer, you will be aware of any threats that were once undetectable so that you will be able to remove them. For all you know, you are using a computer that has the Conficker worm in it already and it is still running smoothly.

Tighten your Firewall

The firewall is the basic filter of your computer which detects any incoming threat and provides useful suggestions and restrictions to the user. By tightening the firewall, certain restrictions on files and websites will be applied until the user approves of them. This may cause some interruptions because of the restrictions, but the user will have total control of what to access.

Contact tech support

If the virus have gone deep into your system, it’s high time that you contact technical support to provide assistance regarding your problem. There are cases that your computer may not perform the tasks you want it to do because of the virus. By contacting support, you will be given basic instructions as well as steps on what to do next in case basic troubleshooting fails.

Download updated anti virus tools

There are hundreds of anti virus tool that you can use. If one of them does not work, you can try another. Although you may want to get in touch with the tech support of the product in case it fails to remove the virus on the first try since additional updates on the program may be required.

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