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How to Get Rid of Daddy Long Leg Spiders

Daddy Long Leg Spiders is a spider that belongs to Pholcidae of the spider family. This kind of spiders kills and eventually digests their prey with the use of their venom. There have been no scientific evidence that this kind of spider is the most venomous or toxic spider in the world. Daddy long leg spiders have their venom glands and also fangs. Their fangs are very tiny but still they can bite humans. However, there was no evidence yet that their venom could harm human beings. I am pretty sure that we all wanted to get rid of these daddy long leg spiders and the following are the easy ways on how to get rid of daddy long leg spiders:

Simple squish them

Daddy long leg spiders are not fast moving specie. We can easily step on them if we like or smash them with slippers if we happen to find them on the wall. Some of them are very small so we can just wipe them off with a rag and it also helps to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Removing by the use of vacuum cleaner

The simplest way to get rid of a daddy long leg spider is by the use of a vacuum cleaner. By putting the nozzle directly with the insect and the vacuum cleaner will suck it away. It is also recommended to vacuum the surfaces in order to get rid of the food source of the insect.

Using an insect spray available

Most of the insect sprays available in the market are highly effective against daddy long leg spiders. Spray the area where you found the insect and also the moist areas because it is where you can normally hunt them. By spraying insecticide, more likely you also get to kill other insects like bugs, termites and cockroaches.

Blocking the possible entry points

It is impossible to seal the entire house because most likely there are tiny holes where the particular insect can enter. There would be lesser chances of entering the house if the crack walls and foundation are sealed. Also it is recommended to get rid of spaces around the doors and windows so that they find it hard to enter the house.

Sticky Traps

Daddy long legs, also referred to as harvestmen, are in fact not spiders or insects. While they grouped with class Arachnida like spiders, but they are categorized in a different order, Phalangida. These insects are not harmful, and they won’t even bite you, even if you let them crawl on your skin. Still, 10 or 20 gangly daddy long legs crawling on your walls would not be a pretty sight.

There a lot of ways to seize and slay daddy long legs and one of the easiest would be to place sticky traps everywhere inside your home. Basically, you just need to set these traps on areas where these insects were previously spotted, and then let them lay there until they catch something. Administering this process, you’ll probably catch other insects like cockroaches and termites too.

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