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How to Get Rid of Daisies from the Lawn

Daisy is a native flowering plant of Central and Northern Europe. The literal meaning of this flower is day’s eye because daisies usually open at dawn as the day starts.

Daisies are considered simple yet very sophisticated. These are known for being one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. They are grown in gardens and used as a gift. This kind flower conveys exuberance in spades and cheer. However, there may be instances that you want to get rid of daisies. The following are the easiest way on how to get rid of daisies from the lawn:

Getting rid of them using systemic herbicides

Chemicals are not really recommended by experts in this case. However, give it a try. Herbicides that are sprayed will be absorbed by the plant. In due time, it will eventually kill the entire plant including the roots.

Systemic Herbicides

Daisies are popular worldwide for their beauty. But there may be daisies that you would want to take out of your lawn, like wild daisies. Wild daisies may look pleasant on your yard, but they can swiftly turn into a dilemma if they start occupying the majority of the area. Like miniature flowers, wild daisies have rigid roots that can effortlessly penetrate firm and solid soil and can be quite hard to chuck out.

Providentially, herbicide is on hand and can eradicate the wild daisies. Chemicals are not really suggested by professionals in this circumstance. But why not give it a try? Systematic herbicides that are spewed will be sucked up by the plant. Soon enough, you will notice the entire plant including the roots has effectively been killed by the systematic herbicide.

Dig up everything including the roots

Digging up the roots of the daisies can be a long term basis. After doing such, the flower will die eventually and there are less chances of growth. Never allow bald patches because there is a tendency that it will hold the weeds.  If you don’t have the time to dig up the daises and they keep coming back, you can also sprinkle salt on top of them.  By doing this, it can kill them off, never bringing them back again.

Never expose the daisies with sunlight

This can be done by blocking out the flowers with the use of old carpet or old tarpaulins. Depriving a plant of sunlight hinders them from making food. They will have no energy and in the process, they will die.

Keep the grass healthy at all times

If the grasses are healthy and well fed, there will be fewer chances of daisies to colonize the garden. The grass should be monitored at all times. It will help in disallowing the daisies to establish.

Use a daisy grubber weeder tool

The daisy grubber weeder tool will winkle the flower without making a hole. All you have to do is to go around the area and remove them. When you are finished with this method, keep the daisy grubber weeder tool. In a few days, you will notice all the flowers that you missed.

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