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How to Get Rid of Dandruff on Cats

For the cat lovers, the most common problem they encounter is when they found out that their cats have dandruff. Most of them freaks out when they found out that their little precious friend have this problem. It can be traumatic to those who own black cats because the condition worsens after repeated washing. Moreover, there are varieties of factors that are related to this condition but there is no proven treatment for dandruff on cats.

Before going to the ways to get rid of dandruff on cats, we have to examine first what is cat dandruff. Cat dandruff is usually mistaken as dander, a natural shedding of dead skin cells from the cat. They usually develop an excessive itchy dead skin. For the cat lovers, the following are the guides on how to get rid of dandruff on cats:

Give your favorite cat a good bath

Even if cats hate to get wet, they should still be clean at all times. In fact, if you spoil your cat, eventually they become overweight. Chances are, they will find it hard to reach his back or even his tail. If the cat has dandruff on the above mention parts then what you need to do is give them a good bath. Never give your favorite cat an anti-dandruff shampoo that is used by human. It can be too harsh on their skin; instead, use a good cat dandruff shampoo. When you give your cat a bath, use a body brush to remove the excess shampoo left on their undercoat. Unwashed shampoos will make their skin dry which can lead to dandruff.

Don’t frequently expose your cat in the sun

Cats are normally protected by their thick coat fur but there are areas like the ears, top of their head and nose that offer minimal protection. Compared to humans, cats don’t have the benefit of using sunscreen. Sunlight has negative effects on cats especially if they are frequently expose to it.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplements

When you notice your cat has heaps of flakes wedged in his fur, they may perhaps be cat dandruff. Dandruff is loose dead skin cells from the outer layer of your cat’s skin and is more often than not evident in his fur. He may at times scratch himself and worse, he might wound himself which turns into nasty-looking missing squares of fur. Allergies, diabetes, poor diet, fur mites, and even sun burn are the usual origins of dandruff.

Provide omega 3 fatty acid supplements to your cat as it helps lessen soreness and sustain great skin. These supplements provide nourishment to your cat’s skin, which helps eliminate dandruff caused by allergies or unusually dry skin. More so, Omega 3 fatty acids effectively maintain the skin healthiness and support the secretion of the right amount of skin essential oils.

Consult the veterinarian if the case gets worsen

If all of the guides didn’t improve the health condition of the cat then it is the best time to seek an expert. There are some medical conditions that manifest the same symptoms as dandruff does. The doctor can distinguish the root cause of the condition and he can implement the proper management.

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