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How to Get Rid of Dark Circle Under Eyes

Dark circles found under the eyes aren’t usually a sign of serious illness or exhaustion. However, they can make a person look and feel old, tired and unhealthy. Both men and women can be affected with dark circles under eyes. It usually happens during adulthood. Under certain circumstances, it can occur at child stage though.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Are you developing dark circles around your eyes? Do not worry because dark circles under the eyes are very common amongst the busiest people who can’t afford to get enough of sleep. Studies show that there are a lot of other factors involved why dark circle under eyes other than being deprived of sleep. The following are the ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes:

Identify the factors related to the cause of the problem

If you have baggy eyes due to allergic reactions to food or developed allergies, identify and omit them from your system. Most common allergies that result in dark circles under the eyes are from foods like as fruits, processed grains, vegetables with traces of pesticides, pasteurized milk and century eggs. If you didn’t develop any food allergies then try to identify if you have allergies on beauty products such as under-eye creams and mascaras.

Apply cold water/ice on the affected area

It is recommended to apply cold water or ice not more than 5 seconds. It is said to decrease the darkening of the affected area.  While it won’t play a factor right away, you can see a significant improvement over the next hour or so.

Try a cucumber

Purchase a cucumber from your local grocery store, or if you have a garden, go out and get one.  You’re going to want to slick it in thick slices.  Place both cucumbers over your eyes and lay back for about 20 minutes.  Keep your eyes closed and try to do this on a daily basis.  Another item that works great like a cucumber is a potato.

Place tea bags over the eyes

Just like the cucumber, grab some tea bags and dip them into colder water.   If you want, place them in the refrigerator overnight.   Place the cold tea bags on your eyes.   Place these on your eyes for around 20 minutes with your eyes closed.

Dark circles under the eyes are likely to age us more as oppose to wrinkles or grey hair. Many people occasionally experience discoloration of the skin just below the eyes. For some people, the black circles can stay a long-term feature, and may be caused by an illness, but usually caused by allergies, insufficient sleep, and even genetics. No matter what brought the problem, the emerging of dark circles under your eyes can be lessened or prevented; in some circumstances, they can be chucked out completely.

Employ cool tea bags or an ice cube enveloped in supple cloth over your eyes everyday. The tannin in tea bags diminishes inflammation and dark stains. While you lie down each morning, place the refreshing, cool, damp, caffeinated tea bags against your eyes and keep them shut for roughly 10-15 minutes. The tea bags can be refrigerated overnight for next day’s use.

Test out a frozen spoon

While garden vegetables and other related items work, a cold spoon can work wonders as well.  Place 2 spoons in the freezer overnight.  Each morning, or before you go to bed, place the back of the spoon on your eyes for 15 minutes or until the spoon is warm.

Be careful when it comes to using cosmetic products

It is recommended to consult the dermatologist first and discontinue the use of the particular product if these practices aggravate the dark circles under the eyes.  Cosmetic solutions that work great for dark circles include eye creams that include vitamin K, or concealer that has an undertone.

Use sunscreen protection everyday

People  having a dark circles under their eyes should use sunscreen every day. It may be due to excessive exposure of heat under the sun.  If you’re finding that the sunscreen isn’t working that great, it may be better to increase the SPF.

Application of Vitamin A cream on the affected area

There have been numerous feedbacks regarding the healing wonders of Vitamin A cream. This is a more of a serious action but it is worth a try in order to solve the problem.

Quit the bad habits

Having a bad diet, as well as smoking on a daily basis can severely effect the dark circles under your eyes.  While smoking is hard to give up, if you’re serious about your overall health, it’s ideal to start eating a well balanced diet, as well as drop the smoking.

Consult with a dermatologist

There are so many remedies that you can try, but if you’re finding that none of them are working, you’re probably going to want to meet with a dermatologist.  He/she is going to be able to recommend products that can help with the dark circles.

  1. Rathed Said,

    There are several reasons that can cause Dark circles under eyes. Some of them are Less sleep, More stress/tension. There are very thin/delicated blood capillaries under the eyes these carry blood back to heart and these look black/dark when the person lacks sleep or he/she is under stress. Remedies to avoid dark circle are more sleep, drink more water and reduce stress.

  2. Dan Said,

    I started developing dark circles around my eyes in my early thirties. So I started applying cucumber slices over my closed eyes for about fifteen minutes daily. Application of cool teabags over the eyes was extremely effective. I eradicated sleep disorders from my routine and started drinking plenty of water. Last but not the least, I reduced the consumption of excessive salt from my diet.

  3. Harsh Said,

    To get rid of this Dark circles take some Almond,soak it in water for around 7-8 hrs and then peel off the outer coat.Add some curd with it and grid it finely. Then apply it on your whole face.Wash it after 20-30 min.Continue it daily.

  4. Pep A Said,

    In order to get rid of dark circle don’t study late at night.Go to bed at proper time.Smoking or taking excessive salt in diet may also cause this as it cause water retention which cause the blood vessel under eye engorged .So to get rid of it stop smoking or less smoke and not to use excessive salt in your diet.Also not cry too much.

  5. Alex RR Said,

    When I was in school I had dark circles under my eyes from all the late nights. Besides getting more sleep I found something that worked rather well and was quite refreshing as well. In the morning I would take two cereal spoons, wet them and place them in the refrigerator while I brushed my teeth. After a few minutes take a chilled spoon and place over your closed eye to shrink the capillaries. It’s not magic but after a few days of this routine it helped quite a bit.

  6. Dar0 Said,

    The dark circles under eyes can be treated by drinking more water, applying cucumber or potato on the dark areas. Almond oil is one of best home remedies for achieving a healthy skin and it can be used to get rid of dark circles. These home remedies may take more time to cure but you can be sure that it does not cause any side effects like other available creams in market. If this occurs in heredity, it is hard to get rid of dark circles and the only way is to use concealers which can make you good in appearance.

What worked for you?

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