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How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Face

Dark spots on face are problems that women encounter at some point in our lives. These dark spots can make you look older than your age. Many will wake up in the morning and look in front of the mirror to discover a lapse in skin health.

The leading cause of dark spots on face is too much sun exposure. Exposing too much time under the sun will end up having a concentrated pigment in the worst places as you get older. We don’t want to have this dark spots and the following are the ways on how to get rid of dark spots on face:

Applying broad spectrum sunscreen protection

Broad spectrum sunscreen protection should be worn while the person is inside or outside of the house. It should be applied over an oil free lotion that contains green tea or Vitamin C. Salicylic acid, Vitamin C, beta hydroxyl acids and Retin A removes dark spots by sloughing off dead skin cells. Caution should be taken into consideration because long term use of these ingredients will cause discoloration of the skin.

Using different concoctions

Lemon can be the best ingredient for various home treatments for facial dark spots. Cucumbers and apricots can be mixed together with lemon juice as fruit masks. The parsley juice can be mixed with lemon, red currant juices and oranges that will be applied together with your favorite moisturizing cream. It can also work in treating brown spots and freckles.

Oatmeal, yogurt and sour cream mixture

Mix the important ingredients namely oatmeal, sour cream and yoghurt with a few drops of lime juice. Massage your face with this mixture for ten minutes before washing them well with water. Potato will be sliced thinly and placing them on the face for 15 minutes bleaches the spots naturally.

Use Aloe Vera

There are many creams and lotions out there that contain the ingredient, “Aloe Vera.”  What you’re going to want to do is find a cream that is highly rated and attempt to put it on the spots on a daily basis.  While it isn’t going to work instantly, it’s going to take months before you’ll see any results.

Going to an Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

This kind of procedure can be highly effective in eliminating dark spots from face and hands. The laser will penetrate down into the skin and it is absorbed by the area where the dark spots can be found. The area will be dark for a few days but the spots slough off revealing clear and fresh skin.

Laser Therapy

While cosmetics are able to somehow hide dark spots, it is still vital that we restrain the emotional aspects for ultimate treatment. These dark spots are referred to as hyper pigmentation as well. It pertains to the skin fragments that turn into a darker shade as opposed to your natural skin color.

The laser therapy is the quickest and most troublesome means to do away with dark spots. A laser spawns a powerful shaft of light. The produced beam is sucked up by oxyhemoglobin. It refers to the bright red blood cells containing oxygen and melanin instigating decay by heat of unnecessary cells as healthy cells are left untouched. The laser method is not only more relaxing but entails shorter recovery time as well compared to several other procedures. In 70% of the cases the dark spots are entirely taken out after merely a single session.

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