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How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

You may admit it or not, but you belong to those who are very embarrassed to raise their hands or you are not confident enough to wear sleeveless tops. It is primarily because you have dark underarms.

There are many factors that results to dark underarms—most of them can be easily resolved. The main cause of dark underarms is shaving because it just cuts the hairs only at surface level. If you have a dark skin type then it will give your armpit a dark color. Accumulation of dead skin cells is another reason that brought about dark underarms. It is also believed that allergic reaction to deodorant or antiperspirant can be a cause of dark underarms. The following are the guides to get rid of dark underarms:

Identify first the root of the problem before solving it

There are many reasons that said to be the causes of dark underarms which include hyper pigmentation and hair growth. We can’t just exfoliate everyday hoping that it would lighten our underarms. Proper identification of the cause of the problem is very important so that proper management can be applied in this case.

Refrain from shaving for starters

It is advised that a person having dark underarms should refrain from shaving because it can produce a shadowy effect. Hair waxing is recommended than shaving because it will not cause dark underarms. In hair waxing, the roots are also pulled as compared to shaving where it just cuts the hair at surface area.

Even if you have to shave the area, what you’re going to want to do is make sure that you don’t have something called “hyper pigmentation.”  This is the process of leaving dark marks and this is hereditary.  If this is a problem that you think you have or maybe it was diagnosed, consider picking up a skin whitening product to help get rid of the darker areas.

Work on losing some of your weight

The fats under the arms can cause friction on the surrounding area. Friction then leads to the darkening of the underarms.  There are many ways to lose weight, but what you’re going to find that over time as you do lose weight, you will find that this friction will go away.

Removing the residues from your deodorant

The dark residues coming from the deodorant accumulates sweat that makes the area looks darker. A good way to remove the residues is to scrub them every day assuming you are also using deodorant everyday. The more accumulation the darker your underarms would be. The anti-perspirants is said to stick on the skin than the regular deodorant. When you are using an anti-perspirant then you have to exert more effort in scrubbing your underarms.

Try a Potato

Dark underarms can cause social embarrassment. This condition is mostly caused by the accumulation of dead skin cells due to a lack of personal hygiene. Excessive shaving, use of hair removal creams or deodorants containing harsh chemicals, sweating and friction between skin and your clothes fabric can all result to dark armpits.

It has been established that potato contains organic whitening components. Potatoes have mild acidic properties that help lessen pigmentation and lighten dark armpits. Grate a potato and extract the juice. Use a soft brush to apply the potato juice to the affected spots on your underarms. Let the juice sit for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. With daily use, results should be evident after a couple of weeks.

What worked for you?

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