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How To Get Rid Of Detergent Stains

When it comes to washing clothes, laundry detergent is the number one solution that makes every piece of fabric clean. The laundry detergent takes away all those dirt that has stuck to the fabric. It also removes any unwanted odor that dirty clothing emanates. However, even though laundry detergent are very helpful when it comes to cleaning clothes and other fabrics in your home, they can also backfire and leave more damage to your clothes. While washing with detergent is the first thing that a person does to remove stains, the detergent can also backfire and leave more stain.

A lot of homeowners have tried washing with laundry detergent and ended up with a pile of clothes that has been heavily streaked with detergent stains. Detergent stains can bring a big pain for those people who do their laundry, especially mothers. Imagine a scenario where you have already ran out of clean clothes so you loaded your machine to clean your clothes. Then, when you are expecting to have fresh and clean clothes to wear, you ended up dealing with a bigger disaster caused by detergent stains. If you are currently facing detergent stains on your clothes, here are some things you can do to get rid of it.

Soak with vinegar

Vinegar is one of the best solutions when it comes to almost every kind of stain, including detergent stains. As soon as you discover the detergent stains, segregate the clothes that have those unwanted white streaks. Prepare a basin with half and half of water and vinegar. Then, soak your stained clothes in the vinegar solution and leave it for about 15-30 minutes. If you are dealing with colored fabrics, be sure to check your clothes every few minutes because the vinegar may leave more stains to your clothes.

After you have soaked the clothes, you can rinse them with water and use your bath soap instead of detergent.

Switch to liquid detergent

One of the major disadvantages of using powder detergent is that it can cause detergent stains. So if you want to lessen the risk of detergent stains, you can switch to liquid detergent. Liquid detergent easily combines with water so it can easily enter and clean your clothes’ fabrics as well. For a smoother laundry time, try using liquid detergent instead of powder detergent.

Dissolve the detergent first

If you really prefer using powder detergent, what you can do is to make sure that every bit of powder has already dissolved in the water before you put all your clothes inside your washer. Also, you should not wash your clothes all at once. Divide white and colored fabrics and wash them several at a time instead all at once.

Do not use fabric softener and detergent together

Fabric softener is good for making your clothes softer and more fragrant. However, it should be used properly in order for the fabric softener to work efficiently. Some people do the mistake of combining detergent and fabric softener to wash their clothes, but this can lead to a major disaster like detergent stains, so avoid combining softener and detergent.

Clean up your washing machine

Even though your washing machine is a cleaning tool, it can also accumulate dirt. What you can do is to clean your washing machine every now and then. Check for detergent residue and deposits and get rid of them.

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