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How To Get Rid Of Dilated Pupils

The circular black portion in the human eye, or commonly known as pupils, serve as the receptor of light in the eye. Like other parts of the body, it also has its own mechanisms and responses to the environment. For example, the pupil may increase or decrease in size. When it becomes bigger, it is said that the pupil becomes dilated as the muscles tissues in the eye expands. Although it is quite normal for pupil dilation to happen, there are times when it is actually unnecessary and may already be a sign of an underlying illness.

A pupil may become dilated when you enter a dark area, meaning when you are in a room that has insufficient light, your pupils will expand, enabling it to search for more light resources. Now, this is just normal. But there are also other unnatural causes of pupil dilation may be due consumption of drugs and medicines, head injury and some psychological reasons. When the pupil dilation is caused by these unnatural causes and that is when you should become conscious about it. When you are experiencing expansion of the pupil aside from lighting differences, you should get rid of pupil dilation as it may be a symptom of a disease. Here are some tips you can follow.

Avoid too much light exposure

You might be asking why you should avoid light when it actually helps constrict the pupils. Well, this is because immediately going out in the sun or bright lights may cause the eye muscles to constrict so quickly that it may damage the nerves in the eye. When you have just taken up a medicine, be sure not to go back under the sun right away. As mentioned, some drugs and medications may have the effect of dilating your pupils. So if you need to go out, wait for a few hours first before you hit the bright streets. You can also wear dark sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Use eye drops

When your eyes are irritated, or some foreign objects enter it, they might become dilated. In order to treat this, you can simply use eye drops to clear up your eyes and bring back the size of your pupil. Moisturizing eye drops are available in most pharmaceutical stores. Just buy one from a respected and trustworthy brand. When your pupils seem to be dilated, apply about 2 drops of the products on each of your eyes.

Breathe and relax

Some psychological or behavioral factors may also make your pupils dilate. For example, if you are feeling excited, frightened or anxious, your pupils tend to get larger because of the stressed nerves. So simply take a breath and try to relax in order to bring back the normal size of your pupils. If you are in a relaxed state, the pupils will most likely be at its smallest form.

Go to the doctor

Dilated pupils per se are not really a serious problem, but it can be a symptom of a health problem or disease. If such is the case, you should go to the doctor and ask for a proper diagnosis. Dilated pupils that are caused by serious problems can be treated through medication and other intensive, surgical treatments, especially when the pupil dilation is caused by injury. To know more about these options, go pay your eye doctor a visit.

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