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How To Get Rid Of Dishwasher Smell

When your kitchen sink has been filled with dirty dishes and cups, the one thing that can easily help you clean it up is the dishwasher. Although manual dishwashing is still widespread around the globe, most people and establishments now uses electronic dishwashers to clean up the dishes in an instant. However, it cannot be helped that a dishwasher may start to emit unwanted odor. Of course, dishwashers are used every day. They remove the dirt from the plates and saucers, but unfortunately, there are times when the dirt gets transferred and stuck in the dishwasher, that is why it starts to smell.

When your dishwasher smells unpleasant, you should try to clean it up right away in order to prevent the smell from overtaking the whole house. If there are many visitors coming and your dishwasher smells, then you will end up getting embarrassed about it. So as soon as your nose pinpoint that your dishwasher is already smelly, you should get rid of the dishwasher smell to save your home from the suffocating, bad odor, and to save yourself from embarrassment as well.

Inspect your dishwasher

The best option that you can do in order to get rid of the dishwasher smell is to clean up the dishwasher itself. So first, remove all your dishes from the dishwasher. Check if the dishes are also smelly. If they are, then submerge them in clean water while you work with the dishwasher.

When you have removed the utensils on your dishwasher, check it for any food residue that may already be rotting. You should also watch out for molds and mildew. These are not just smelly but they can also harm your health.

Scrub away the dirt

If there are indeed many residues that have already accumulated on the dishwasher, then all you have to do is clean them up. If there are big chunks of residue, then you can pick them up and throw them away. As for dirt that has stuck on the dishwasher racks, linings and crevices, you should scrub them away.

Put on your gloves first to protect your hands when working. Simply make cleaning solution clean water, some liquid dishwashing soap and a small amount of bleach. Apply the solution all over the insides of the dishwasher. Let it sit for a couple of minutes so that the residue will be removed easily. Then, get your scrub. Use it to remove all the residue, molds or mildew that may be causing the unwanted odor. Keep on brushing and scrubbing until the dirt has been removed.

Rinse with vinegar

After cleaning the dishwasher, you should now remove the rest of the dirt and odor coming from it. Simply add about two cups of vinegar on your dishwasher. Run the dishwasher and let it operate in one cycle with hot water. When the cycle has been finished, try to smell the dishwasher if the odor has been removed.

Treat with baking soda

If the vinegar did not finish the job, you can just sprinkle baking soda in your dishwasher, particularly on its bottom part. Leave the baking soda to work overnight. Come morning time, run a cycle again using some hot water and vinegar. At this point, the odor will most likely have gone. Wash your dishwasher with clean water. Let it dry and then place back all your dishes. Remember to regularly clean your dishwasher so you will not face unpleasant dishwasher smell in the future.

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