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How To Get Rid Of Dizziness When Pregnant

They say that when you are pregnant, you just have this vibe like you are always under good aura. While the joy of an expectant mother can make her radiate, not all the times, a pregnant lady will stay happy and calm. A pregnant woman’s body is continuously going under transformation during her pregnancy. Because of these changes, her health can be greatly affected. For all those expectant mothers, you might already probably have encountered, or at least, know about these different physical changes caused by pregnancy.  Associated with pregnancy are the ever-fluctuating hormones in the body. This hormonal change can, more often than not, make the pregnant woman uncomfortable. And one of the most common things that a pregnant woman can suffer from is dizziness or nausea.

If you are a pregnant woman who constantly feels dizzy, then there is actually nothing much to worry about as this is normal. It is particularly disturbing during the first trimester when your body is still adjusting to the development of the fetus inside your womb. You might experience dizziness and nausea, also known as morning sickness. But actually, it can occur at anytime of the day. When you feel dizzy, you normally just have to relax and stay still. For some more tips about how to get rid of dizziness when pregnant, you can follow these things.

Get some rest

When the dizzy spell attacks you, the number one thing you should do is to get some rest. Simply lie down on your bed or be in a position that is most relaxing to you. Usually, pregnant women are advised to lie on their side with a pillow in between their legs. Take some rest until the dizziness starts to fade. Most of the times, once you have gotten enough rest, the dizzy spell will just subside.

Eat a lot

One of the causes of dizziness in general is lack of foods and nutrients circulating in the body. While three meals a day is enough to get a person going, it is not particularly true with a pregnant woman. Remember, if you are pregnant, the baby that is growing inside your womb is sharing with you the nutrients that you intake. This means that eating just three meals a day may not be sufficient to supply your body’s needs. That is why you should double up your food consumption to just about six small meals. It is best that you eat snacks in between your full meals. But be sure that what you are eating is indeed healthy. Instead of the chips, munch with fresh fruits or vegetables.

Fight stress

Too much stress can be harmful to your health. When you are pregnant, it is normal that you feel anxious. However, don’t make it a habit to be stressed out. Try to de-stress by making light exercises, listening to music, occasionally going shopping or visiting the spa.

Consult the doctor

Dizziness during pregnancy is quite normal, but it does not mean that you should just ignore it. You should always take regular trips to the doctor in order for you to be sure about your health. If the dizziness that you feel become excessive and lasts for a long time, then there is no use trying to wait for it to subside. Schedule for a checkup already and ask for advices from your doctor.

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