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How to Get Rid of Ear Piercing Infection

Most people that get body art don’t think of the consequences that come with it in case the procedure was not properly performed. If the equipment used by the artist are not sterile or if after the procedure, after care was not applied to the ear it can cause infection. Some establishments would use the same needle over and over again with different people without sterilizing it. Another cause is the over exposure of the wound which attracts bacteria that causes infection.

Ear piercing infection can be pretty common since the wound the pierce has is exposed to different elements. Bacteria are the main cause of the infection and if left unchecked, the wound can get worst; they are very painful and would often cause an oozing of puss.

In worst cases, a simple ear piercing infection can lead to permanent loss of hearing if the bacteria spread. This scenario can be prevented if proper care is given to the ear. Listed below are some ways to get rid of ear piercing infection:

Check early symptoms

If you feel unusual pain from the piercing, you may want to get a doctor to check it to avoid further infection. Always consult with a doctor to make sure that you are provided with the proper prescription medicine that will be used to heal the piercing.

Doctors would usually prescribe antibiotics which focuses its effect to the infected area. Antibiotics can kill the bacteria that cause the infection; this type of medicine can even be taken orally or applied externally to the skin, although both are very effective ways to administer antibiotics.

Keep the affected area dry

A fresh wound more often attracts bacteria if it’s wet. You need to make sure that the wound is dry. You can do this, and disinfect it at the same time by applying hydrogen peroxide to the wound or even alcohol. After you have dried the infected area, you need to apply antibiotic cream to it.

Apply home remedies

A very effective way to disinfect the affected area is by using saline solution. A saline solution is a mixture of water and rock or pure salt. You can use cotton swabs to apply the solution to the infected area while applying pressure to it. Do not go beyond the usual 2 or 3 times of application per day as this can causes irritation.

Do not use jewelries while ear is still infected

It may be a good idea to let the wound to fully heal before you use jewelries to it. If possible let it heal fully and just have another piercing afterwards. If you feel that the infection is caused by the jewelry that you are using, you would want to replace the jewelry with a different type if your skin is sensitive to the material.

Prevention is better than the cure

Rather than wait for the infection to happen, it would be a good idea to take precautionary measures before getting your ear pierced. Always make sure that the equipment used is new and sterilized. Don’t hesitate to ask the artist for these, since it is your ear after all.

After you have gotten the ear piercing, consult the artist on how to take care of the wound to make sure that proper care is given to it preventing infection.

  1. amy Said,

    actualy I was wondering if there were any other solutions to a ear peircing infection because my ear ring holes get infected verry often and none of my antibiotics work perminently, the infection comes back a couple weeks after I stop using the antibiotics and none of the other options have work……

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