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How to Get Rid of Eastern Boxelder Bug

Boxelder bug is called with this kind of name because they prefer to lay their eggs at Boxelder trees. They are very annoying because they infest homes and buildings near Boxelder tree. They are not really considered much of economic importance because they don’t do visible damage to trees even if they are great in number. Even if they aren’t considered to be harmful the following are the ways on how to get rid of eastern Boxelder bug:

Removing the female Boxelder bug in the infested tree

The bugs can fly from one area to another. Failure to remove the female bugs can lead to reproduction and we don’t like that to happen. While it’s hard to spot the female, you may want to play it safe and try your best to get rid of the whole nest 100%.  Even if you can spot them, consider picking them up and smashing them.  More than likely, there won’t be a lot of these bugs floating around the tree.

Watch the tree that is planted

If you’re going to purchase a boxelder tree, you’re going to want to make sure that you plant the male trees.  Since the female bugs are attracted to these trees, you’re going to want to make sure that you plant males so that the females don’t come around.  If you have a female tree, consider removing it to get rid of the bug problem for good.

Maintain and take care of the building very well

The cracks should be sealed with a good silicone caulking material. Repair everything that you think needs repair. The attics and wall cavities should be check because Eastern Boxelder Bug hides in this area.  If you’re finding that you don’t have the time or the energy, you may find that you can call a professional pest control expert for your area to  look into the area for you.

Applying insecticide to the affected trees

Applying insecticide can help to get rid of the Eastern Boxelder Bug.  Putting hot water directly over the bug. Filling water directly to the Boxelder Bug will kill them right away. Another way of doing this is with the help of a hose that is connected with hot water and apply directly over the bugs. Extra care should be observed while doing this because it might hurt the person doing it.

Vacuum the unwanted bug

This kind of method is not only applicable for Eastern Boxelder Bug but also it can also be used to different insects present around the house. Roam around the house like near the windows and walls to vacuum the bugs. It is not recommended to spray bug killers while doing vacuum because explosion might happen. The bug killers sprays is known to be flammable and we don’t want to happen.

Purchasing a large sticky trap

Place the trap where you can find a number of bugs present. Placing them over an area where they swarm then you can eliminate them in greater number. Once they are already gathered, they should be placed inside a plastic and throw them away from the area.

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