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How to Get Rid of Enlarged Pores

A lot of people are really concern how their face looks like and they should, since the face is the first thing other people notices when they look at us. There are incidents when a person would get enlarged pores and this lessens the smoothness of the skin.

There are several ways a person’s pores can enlarge. A special gland produces oil that is released through the pores as the skin needs constant hydration. There are instances that there is overproduction of the oil and there is a tendency to clog the pores.

Having enlarged pores can prove to be problematic to a lot of people since they are the primary cause of acne, dead skin cells and blackheads. Here are some steps that could help you in getting rid of enlarged pores.

Identify the cause of the enlargement

Before you try anything, you should check with a dermatologist first to make sure that you get a professional’s advice regarding your situation. Every person’s skin condition can be different from one another and using different facial cleansers may have different effects to several people.

Several factors should be considered to make sure that the treatment that you seek doesn’t give you more headache than when you started and this is the primary reason you would have to talk to a dermatologist before anything else.

Remove excess oil from the skin

It is a good idea to wash the face with water and facial cleanser before you go to bed and once after waking up. This will remove excess oils that accumulated over night. Make sure that you also wash any trace of make up off your face as well. Removing excessive oils from the skin can help in maintaining the usual size of the pores and this will prepare the skin for the treatment that you will apply to lessen the size of the pore.

Apply the right kind of cleanser

Depending on the condition of your skin and the advice from the dermatologist, look for cleansing products that contains chemicals such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid. These chemicals can help in greatly minimizing oil production in the skin. It is also advisable to apply and rub skin moisturizer since this will help in minimizing the pores.

Use the right kind of make up

If you use make up extensively, you should opt to using make up that contains non comedogenic substances to prevent pores from getting clogged. Even with this make up though, you will need to wash it before you go to bed as it can still clog pores and irritate the skin if left overnight.

Reduce exposure from the sun

Sunlight has several benefits to the body although over exposure to it can greatly reduce the flexible characteristics of the skin causing it the pores to enlarge. Avoid exposing yourself to the sun especially during the time of day it is highest in the sky.

If sun exposure is not avoidable, you should apply sunscreen on your skin. For your face, you can use wide brimmed hats that would cast shadow over it to avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Try natural solutions

If you fear that chemicals contained in facial cleansers and moisturizers can irritate your face, try to use alternative natural solutions such as using buttermilk or tomato juice. Another popular solution is by using oatmeal. Also, you should drink plenty of water as it helps in maintaining the skin’s healthy complexion.

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