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How To Get Rid Of Internet Explorer Script Errors

Do you always encounter those pesky script error messages while you are browsing the internet? Are these errors preventing you from properly surfing the Web? Internet script errors are very common. When you see a notification about script error, do not jump into conclusion that your computer has been infected or your internet has been damaged. Internet script errors are actually errors of the Web page that you are visiting. Web pages on the Internet are programmed using script commands, and if something goes wrong with these scripts, a Web page will not be able to run properly, hence the Internet script error.

While Internet script errors may not really be a sign of error on your part, they can be annoying especially when they keep on popping out. The good thing is that you can actually prevent these script errors from appearing. When you are surfing, your Web browser directly detects script errors for you. If you do not want them to appear, you will just have to alter some settings on your Web browser. If you are using Internet Explorer as your Web browser and you want to know how to manage script errors when browsing, here are some tips on how to get rid of Internet Explorer script errors.

Check the Web page

While most cases of script errors just occur because of the Web page itself, you still need to make sure that it is indeed a Web page error. Viruses are all around so you can never be too sure with bugs and errors. To check the Web page, borrow another computer and use it to check the Web page. If the script error still appears, then it is indeed the Web page that contains some errors.

Disable auto-debug

Script error notifications can be prevented if you disable Internet Explorer’s auto-debugging feature. This means that your Web browser will stop filtering the Websites that you are visiting. Disabling auto-debug is not really recommended especially if you constantly stumble upon weird sites that have script errors. But if you really want to remove script error notifications, click on Tools and select Internet Options. A new dialogue box will appear and just find the Advanced tab. In the Advanced tab, look for the “Disable script debugging” check box and check it then click OK.

If you are using the latest version of Internet explorer, instead of checking “disable script debugging”, you need to uncheck “Display a notification about every script error” then click OK.

Try unblocking some applications

There are some computer applications that help refine script commands. Some of these apps are ActiveX and Java. When these are turned off, your Web browser might not be able to fully operate the script of a certain Web page. So check your internet options and see if your settings are blocking these apps. To do this, go to Tools and open Internet Options. Switch to the Security tab and click on Default Level. Press OK and test the Web page again.

Clear internet files

When you browse the internet, copies of Web pages that you have browsed are saved in temporary files folder. When the location of these files becomes flooded, your Web browser’s processes may be affected. TO improve your Web browsing, go to Tools and Internet Options again. Under the General tab, click Temporary Internet Files Settings. Then click on Delete Files, Delete Cookies. Under the History, click on Clear All History and hit OK. Run the Web page again.

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