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How to Get Rid of Fabric Softeners Smell

Fabric softeners have been a great help for all the people who are personally doing their clothes. They are used to while you are doing the laundry and they make your clothes softer and can sometimes eliminate static cling. They are a big help as it makes ironing the clothes a breeze. There will be fewer creases or wrinkles and they are a lot softer.

Another feature that some fabric softeners have is their scent. They come from a variety of scents from summer fresh to floral breeze. However, there are instances that the smell comes too strong and it becomes very irritating. There are also other people who are just not fond of the smell that the fabric softeners have. So if ever you have clothes that smell like this, here are a few tips to get rid of the fabric softener smell:

Rinse again

The reason why the fabric softener smell sticks to your clothes easily is that it is oil-based. So the best way to get rid of the smell residue is to rinse it again. It may take you 2 to 3 times to remove of the strong smell. For best results, use warm water (not too warm) for rinsing. The warmth of the water will help loosen up the oil-based contents and it will be easier to take off.


Another way to get rid of the smell is to hang dry your clothes under direct heat of the sun. It will eventually break down the residues of the fabric softeners. Be very careful with this as some clothes are not allowed to be exposed to direct sunlight. Read your clothes’ tags before doing this.


Vinegar can take away almost any strong odor on your clothes and that includes fabric softener smell. You just take one cup of vinegar and add it into a full load of clothes. Be very careful to not pour it directly to the clothes. You can also dissolve the cup of vinegar before adding it in to the laundry. It will also help remove some detergent residue.  Again, like mentioned above, it may take more than a few spins in the washing machine before the smell goes away for good.

Baking soda

This too has the same effect on clothes like the vinegar. It can take away the smell by absorbing it. So all you have to do is to add a handful of baking soda to your laundry. You can also dissolve the baking soda with warm water before adding it in. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Dryer sheets

Before you place the clothes in the washing machine, rub some dryer sheets all over them.  Dryer sheets are a great alternative to get rid of the smells as the dryer sheet smell can stick to the clothes.  Be sure to not rub too hard as you can ruin some clothes by doing this.  Once you rub the dryer sheets on the clothing, be sure to repeat this step if the clothes still smell after the first washing cycle.

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