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How to Get Rid of Facebook Spam

Spam occurs when unwanted messages are being sent in mass randomly. This is typical in e-mails. However, social networking sites such as Myspace are not excluded in the issue of spam which is one of the reasons people joined Facebook instead.

Not in a long run! Facebook, as well, is no longer immune by these spam messages, etc. So here are some things that you should do in order to avoid being spammed, if not totally getting rid of it, minimizing it to the least.

Block the application

Users of Facebook are fond of using applications and free games which bring problems because they spread everywhere. Imagine when you logged in and plstered in your wall quiz applications, hearts and even links from people who are into Facebook for their marketing strategies. Deleting them one by one on your wall could be taking much of your time. So, block the application instead. To block the application, go to the “Account” at the rightmost corner of your page. Then on the drop-down menu, click “Account Settings”. To delete the application, click the cross button beside the application.

If another request to add new application comes to you, you can block it directly by the link under the request.

Send warning messages

Keep your friends posted by updating on your wall that you do not like being spammed. This may help in stopping them on bothering you. If not, you can also send them private warning messages nicely. This would make them see your point clearly. Remember, only 20 messages sent at the same time are allowed by Facebook.

Delete from your list

If still the above tips do not work for there are some people are naturally stubborn, especially those who are telemarketers who just don’t accept no as an answer, then what is left to do is to delete the guilty contact. These people are into what you feel about being spammed. So why waste time and effort, delete them. This would be more beneficial to you, if you are not an entrepreneur above all.

Change Privacy Settings

One of the advantages of Facebook’s e-mail-like Messages feature is that getting swamped with spam is less likely to happen as opposed to usual e-mail. Yet based on your Facebook settings, people unknown to you can still probably send messages.

Set your account so that only people who you’ve already confirmed as a friend can send you messages, which will make it significantly harder for spammers to harass you. Choose and click on the “Privacy Settings” link under the drop down menu on the upper right-hand corner. Next to the “How You Connect” heading, click Edit Settings. Select your choice from the dropdown menu next to “Who can send you messages on Facebook?” Modify the setting to “Friends Only” to avoid contact from those you don’t know.

What worked for you?

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