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How to Get Rid of Fading Hair Color

They say that a girl’s hair is one of the best assets she can have. Wavy, long, straight, curly—all of these are just some of the ways to style your hair. Not only that, there are also ample of ways to further accentuate you hairstyles. There are hair extensions, weaving and braiding. However, one of the most easy and popular is hair coloring. It can be done either in a salon or just at home. You just have to choose the color that you want or the color that would best suit your color and then with just 1 to 2 hours, you will have a totally different hair color.

There are some instances that the hair color will eventually fade. Since this is really not the natural color of your hair, your hair’s natural nutrients and oil will try to push away the chemicals and temporary color. Also, as your hair grows, the new ones will definitely have you normal hair color and when that progresses, you will soon have a big portion of your natural hair color again. Here are some ways on how to try and prevent your hair color from fading.

Choose your shampoo

Once you have your hair colored, you have to take into consideration the type of shampoo that you will use. The first thing that you have to check is if it has a label that says ‘For Color Treated Hair’. There may be a couple of shades of shampoo that you can choose from. Just choose the color that is closest to your hair. This kind of shampoo doesn’t only protect your hair; it also gives a little accent to your colored hair.

Never ever use a Protein Treatment after a hair color application. This will just fade the color of your hair faster.  To find the best shampoo for your fading hair colors, look at the reviews online to see what has worked with other people.  It’s best to look for shampoos that help with fading hair colors, rather than look for a normal shampoo.

Prevent sweating

Sweating may mean that you are in a location where it is warm. Remember that heat will dilate your pores. When that happens, this will open up your hair cuticle providing an exit point for your hair color molecules. They will attach themselves to the sodium in your perspiration and find their way out. You may not notice this on the end part of your hair but this is very noticeable on the roots of your hair as it is much closer to the cuticles. Again, avoid sweating after you get your hair colored.

Conditioner and shine serum

A special conditioner can also be applied to close your hair cuticles thus making your hair’s color fresh.  It is also advisable to rinse your hair using tepid water. After that, towel-dry your hair by squeezing your hair and avoid to scrub it. Using a shine serum like Chi Silk or Farouk Bio Silk Therapy should be applied lightly before combing your hair. When applying the shine serum, put a pea-sized amount then rub your hands. Begin applying on the ends then work your way up to the roots.

What worked for you?

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