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How To Get Rid Of Fever Blisters

Fever blisters are one of the embarrassing skin complaints that you will encounter. These blisters occur on a person’s mouth area, which makes it really stand out, but not in a good way. When people see a person who has fever blisters, they will start to think maliciously about its cause. This is mostly because fever blisters are associated with sexually transmitted disease. But do not worry just yet because fever blisters actually have a lot of causes. Well, one thing is the herpes simplex virus. But there are also chances where you can get fever blisters because of an underlying disease or illness.

Fever blisters are not really considered as a major health threat. They do not really weaken or kill a person. Basically, the worst part of getting blisters is when you have to go in public and show those nasty lesions or your skin. If you need to go out and party and those blisters suddenly occurred, then you have no choice but to just stay home, unless you have a great deal of confidence to dance all night with those fever blisters on. But do not worry, with some things, you will be able to get rid of fever blisters. Here are tips and tricks for you.

Use ice packs or cold compress

Ice packs or cold compress can help alleviate the symptoms of fever blisters. It can aid in lessening the stinging feeling. Just get some ice, wrap it on a towel and press against your fever blisters. This will make you cope up with the pain you feel.

Homemade treatments

Aloe vera gel, tea tree oil and other herbs like sage are said to remove fever blisters. You can just take the essence of one of these things and rub it on your fever blister. Do the treatment about three times a day.

Take vitamins

Certain vitamins like Lysine can be taken up in order to fight the blisters. If the fever blister is still small and is just growing, you can drink vitamins to help hinder its further growth, thus, lessening its lifespan. You can just go to your doctor and ask for a medical prescription. You can also check online and see if there are online pharmacies that sell medicine for fever blisters.

If your fever blisters are already big, you can ask for special medications for fever blisters instead of just vitamins.

Try hydrogen peroxide for an easy fix

If you need to attend an important matter right away but those fever blisters are giving you so much headache, you can try removing them with the use of hydrogen peroxide. Just get a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and use it on your fever blisters. This will be an easy fix for your problem. However, the use of hydrogen peroxide is not recommended since it may lead to scarring.

Undergo simply surgical removal

Fever blisters are not a major skin lesion but nevertheless, if you really do not want other people to see those ugly blisters on your mouth, you can opt to undergo a simple and fast fever blister surgical removal. It may cost you some bucks but it is a sure safe and fast way to get rid of fever blisters.

Visit a doctor

Fever blisters may be an underlying symptom of a worse infection. To know more about your condition, you can visit your doctor and ask for his advice.

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