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How To Get Rid Of Film On Windshield

Weather conditions can affect many things, even you driving and your vehicle itself. While you may think there is nothing to driving if you avoid accidents, the little things can set you back three steps behind when it comes to automobile maintenance. As time goes by, new problems will arise regarding your car. Of course, it’s not like these problems can’t be solved. It simply implies that they can sneak up on you anytime. For example, your headlight might contain some residue that is caused by the sun and builds up to fog them. This doesn’t get noticeable until quite some time. There are many other car problems such as this that can cause your car to lose efficiency before you noticing it. Even if you keep your eyes open, only time can make these problems visible to you. Just like the headlights, your windshield could already be suffering these problems before you notice them. Not to mention they become a hassle to remove the longer you wait.

Film on windshield is a major threat for both the car owner and the car itself. While prolonged film can accumulate to make visibility inside your car next to foggy, accidents are more likely since you are less likely to see where you are going. You can’t prevent your windshield building up these nasty films. It will be next to dangerous if not, to drive with this stuff in your windshield. With that being said, you may want to get rid of the film before it gets you into trouble. Not to mention, the longer you wait to remove the film, the harder they become to remove. Unlike dirt and bugs, soap and water wouldn’t cut it. You need more than that to remove the film off your windshield. Here are some things you can do to get rid of film on windshield.

Use windshield film remover

Film remover products can get any type of film on any type of surface, and yes, that includes your windshield. One popular product you can find is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It is effortless to apply since you need not scrub hard. Just wipe the stuff all over your film-infested windshield and let the chemicals do the rest.

Greased Lightning is another great product you can use. Like Mr. Clean, you can purchase Greased Lightning in just about any grocery store. Same application as the Magic Eraser but requires a tad more effort. Spray directly into the windshield; let it sit there for two to three minutes, then wipe away using an old rag. You need to use Windex afterwards since the Lightning will leave streaks in its wake.

A less harsh chemical comes in the form of Bon-Ami. It is far safer to use and like the Greased Lightning, you may need to use Windex to reshine your windshield. Not to mention it removes film as effectively as the previous chemicals.

Rub some alcohol

For a more hand’s on approach, pour some rubbing alcohol over the windshield and let it sit for a few minutes. Start rubbing using an old rag in circular motion until the film on your windshield becomes less visible. When the film comes up, use dish soap and water to finish the job. Apply a coat of Windex.

Apply soda

A can of cola will also do the job of removing windshield films. Just pour it over the windshield and let it take over all the film. Then wipe off using dish soap and water. Apply Windex or any similar product to bring back the shine.

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