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How To Get Rid Of First Date Jitters

It is time for your first date with a special person in your life and you are having this weird, unexplainable feeling about it. Having first date jitters is actually pretty normal. Of course, no one wants their first date to turn into a nightmare. The anxiousness that it brings can cause that butterflies in your stomach feeling, cold, sweaty palms and forehead, weak knees and basically, the common signs of being under a nerve-wracking situation.

Although first date jitters is normal, there are times that it can go out of control and become the reason for an unsuccessful date. And to avoid unpleasant situations during the actual date, you must get rid of your jittery feeling first. Actually, getting rid of first date jitters is easier said than done. Nevertheless, there are simple things that can make you more focused and boost up your confidence about the date. Here are some simple tips that you can follow in order to get rid of first date jitters.

Relax and relax some more

Pacing around and constantly worrying about how your first date may turn out will not really do you any good, so the first thing you can do is to sit down and relax. Nervousness can totally change a smart person into a fool, and no matter how good of a talker you are, if you let that jittery feeling overcome you, you might be on your way to ending a date in a bad tune. So on the day of your date, take a few minutes to relax whenever the first date jitter attacks.

Get pampered up

Before you date, you should try to be at your best. Remember, first impression lasts and if you manage to carry yourself with confidence, you will be able to convince yourself and your date that you are worth it. One thing that can help boost up your confidence is to get pampered up. Take enough beauty rest; wear your favorite clothes and things that just make you feel better about yourself.

Release the tension

It cannot be helped to feel tense as the hour of the date comes closer, but you can fight it so that you will feel sharper when you meet up with your date. If you feel tense, then go ahead and release your tension. Doing your hobbies and entertaining yourself can make the tension go away. You can sing aloud, walk around, do some light stretching and whatever you think will help you get rid of the tension caused by first date jitters.

Gather your thoughts

When you are having your first date, there is a big chance that your mind will be filled with a lot of thoughts but somehow, you cannot relay it to your date. What you should do during this moment is to excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. Try to inhale and exhale, gather your thoughts, so that when you go back to the table, you will be able to express yourself more freely. You can also collect your ideas even before you meet up with your date. However, do not make it seem like all the things you say are scripted.

Be natural and express your feeling

The key thing to a successful date is just to be natural. Express what you are feeling including that first date jitter that is attacking you. There is a high possibility that your date is also feeling the same and opening up about this can make you more comfortable with each other.

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