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How To Get Rid of Fluid In Ears

Did you just take a bath and some water went inside your ears? Or did you go swimming and your ear caught some pool water? When fluid gets into the ears, you may feel uncomfortable because your hearing might seem a bit impaired. That is why it is important to get rid of fluid in ears right away.
There are several methods that you can do to remove water or fluid from your ears. Here are some easy tips that you can follow to dislodge fluid that has entered your ears.

Tap your head

The most common way to get rid of fluid in ears is to just tap your head. Slightly tilt your head and tap it lightly to shake off the fluid inside. Usually, this may be enough to remove the fluid in your ears. You can also jump while tapping your head for a more effective result.

Drop some hydrogen peroxide solution

Hydrogen peroxide is known to help in getting rid of fluid in ears. This is because they dry up the fluid that may have entered your ears. Simply mix two drops of hydrogen peroxide for every one drop of water. Fill up a dropper with this. Once the solution is ready, tilt your head with the clogged ear and apply three drops of the solution. Stay in this position for a few minutes until any bubbling stops and then tilt your head to the other side so that the fluid will come out of your ear. Repeat this step if your other ear is also clogged with fluid.

Be careful when using hydrogen peroxide to your ears because applying too much of it might dry up the necessary mucus in your ears as well. Use it sparingly.

Make use of alcohol and vinegar solution

Aside from hydrogen peroxide, an equal mixture of alcohol and vinegar can also help dislodge any fluid that is blocking your ears. Mix 50-50 vinegar and alcohol and fill a dropper with it. Slightly tilt your ears to gain access to the blocked ear and then apply a few drops of the solution on the ear. Wait until you feel that the fluid has been loosened up the tilt your head to the other side to enable the fluid to flow out. Clean up your ears once the fluid has been dislodged.

Same with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and vinegar can be too powerful to your ears so do not apply too much of the solution.

Apply hot compress

Hot compress can heat up the fluid in your ear and make it runnier. This will then make the fluid come out of your ear. Simply use a hot compress or a heating pad as your pillow. Make sure that the affected ear is pressed to the hot compress. Wait for about 15 minutes or until you feel that the fluid is coming out. Then swab the outer side of your ears with clean cloth to remove the excess fluid.

Let the doctor do the job

If after trying these home remedies, you still cannot get rid of the fluid in your ears, then you should just consider visiting the doctor. Fluid in ears can attract a lot of bacteria in just a short time which may even lead to ear infection. So if the fluid lasts in your ears for more than two days, it is best to talk to your doctor about it and get the proper treatment.

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