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How to Get Rid of Foggy Headlights

Driving at night is not possible without a headlight. The headlight is the main source of light for the vehicle when it is dark in the road. Without a headlight, do not even attempt to get the car key for a night cruise. Headlights are very important for driving safely and making sure that they are maintained really well should be part of a car’s check up.

Headlights can become foggy over time; this is the cause of several factors such as the dirt accumulated on it as well as the continuous exposure of the lamp to the bulb. When your headlights become foggy, the light becomes dim and they become less effective. Your safety should not be compromised just because you have a foggy headlight.

A scheduled maintenance should keep your headlights from getting foggy. There are several methods that you can do to keep the headlights fog free. To be able to drive safely, be sure to follow the steps provided to maintain the quality of light your headlights are producing:

Scrape off dirt from it

When you run on the road at a moderate speed, it is possible that your headlight accumulates a lot of dirt on its surface; dirt, bugs and grime are prime examples. These can dry up and could leave a stain on the headlights which cover the surface.

If it’s at all possible, make sure that you scrape off the dirt right after you get home from a long drive. Dried dirt should be scraped off then it should be wiped with a damp towel and allow it to dry. By doing this, you lessen the chance of a stain that may be harder to remove if you allow it in there for a long time.

Use denatured alcohol

Chemicals can be used to prevent clouding of the cap of the headlights. What you can use is denatured alcohol. This type of alcohol has substances that prevents cloudy surface even after it has been exposed to the light for long periods of time. Wipe the cap with a towel dipped in denatured alcohol and leave it to dry. Wipe it again with dry towel to buff it to prime condition.

Use headlight restoration kit

There are different cleaning substances that you can use for each part of the car. Since the car is made up of different components that are also made up of different materials, it would be a great idea to know what type of cleaning substance to use.

As the name implies, a car restoration kit can help you get rid of foggy headlights since it restores the condition of your headlight like new. There are different brands of car restoration kit available which can vary depending on the quality. You can buy them from hardware stores as well as home improvement stores.

Maybe its time for a replacement

If you have been using your car for more than 10 or so years and you have performed several methods to remove fog in your headlights, then it may be time to replace the headlight. There are cases where foggy headlight is so severe that even the procedures above will no longer work. As much as possible, consider buying replacement headlights that are manufactured by the car manufacturer as they can last as long as the ones that you replaced it with.

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