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How to Get Rid of Foggy Windows

Windows can be considered as your eye to the outside world. Like our eyes, they allow us to see what’s outside. There are times that our windows get fog build up and it can be hard to see outside. There are several reasons why your windows get foggy but you don’t need to worry about it since it is not permanent.

Foggy windows in your home are usually caused by several factors. One of the major reasons why you get foggy windows is the culmination of dust and moisture that dried up. The outside part of the window is usually the one that gets foggy since it is exposed to several environmental conditions.

If your window gets foggy, it is synonymous to being dirty and when you have a foggy window it is guaranteed that your whole house will look dirty as well. Simple procedures can be performed to get rid of foggy windows and they usually involve maintenance procedures that will keep your windows clear:

Dust off

Remember that the main cause of foggy windows is the combination of moisture and dust which is why you will need to make sure that you dust off the windows every single day. Using a broom or a feather duster, you will be able to breeze through this in no time. Also, before thinking of wiping the dirt off your window, think about what happens when you mix water and dirt…answer’s mud. So get rid of the dust first before proceeding with procedures that involve using water.

Wipe your windows as soon as possible

Your windows are exposed to different weather conditions everyday so you shouldn’t stop at nothing to wipe it off every single day. Wiping your windows with damp towel and then using a dry one afterwards can prevent the build up of the fog.

Do not worry if you forgot to wipe the windows, the fog build up don’t happen in an instant. There have been buildings with several windows that were not cleaned for several months and you can still see through it, albeit with less visibility. Just don’t forget that your windows are a part of your house that needs regular cleaning

Wash it down

So for this procedure, you will need lots of water. After dusting your windows, rinse it with water. Removing dust helps prevent mud build up as well as scratches on your window caused by the tiny particles of dirt that sticks on the window surface.

Use soap and sponge to thoroughly clean the area, making sure that every inch of the window has been wiped; rinse with water thoroughly to remove soap suds afterwards.

Dry with newspaper

Ever seen water stains on your windows after you wash it down? This is usually the case when the windows are air dried. The stain comes from the water that was not wiped appropriately off the window. The simple solution to this problem is by using paper, preferably newspaper to get rid of the water stain.

After the window dries up a bit, wipe the window with dry crumpled newspaper thoroughly until visible water stain is removed. Don’t even bother using dry cloth since they don’t have the right texture like a crumpled newspaper. The newspaper does what a regular cloth can’t and it will save you precious time taking care of the water stains.

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