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How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots

Our body is exposed to different conditions and it reacts in a variety of manner depending on the exposure. There are other conditions that happen without any reason and it leaves medical professionals dumbfounded when they encounter this type of patient. Fortunately, there are still treatment for diseases and other ailments that are caused by a variety of reasons.

One of skin conditions that can occur in the body are Fordyce spots. This condition is characterized by small, painless, pale bumps in different regions of the body mainly the border of the lips and in the genital regions of a male or female. These are commonly mistaken as a form of sexually transmitted disease although they are harmless and mostly treated for cosmetic reasons.

There are no current standards for treating Fordyce spots but there are treatments provided to people that have this that actually works. If you notice anything closely resembling Fordyce spots in any part of your body, you can follow the procedures listed below for your own peace of mind:

Consult a doctor

Notice that in the description of Fordyce spots, it is noted that they kind of look like signs of sexually transmitted disease? Well when you first see signs of this, you should immediately see a doctor for diagnosis. There are several medical conditions that can resemble each other and a misdiagnosis is possible. When this happens treatment may be not the one for the intended disease.

Consulting a doctor will get rid of anxiety and questions that you have in your mind. You will be able to identify, with the help of a doctor, what the condition is. If it’s Fordyce spots, the proper treatment will be given to you by the doctor who can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Laser treatments

This may be one of the extreme treatments that you can find for removing Fordyce spots. Vaporizing laser treatments can lessen the visibility of the Fordyce spots for people that worry about the cosmetic condition of their skin. Although there are times that laser treatement can lead to the scarring of the skin.

Apply creams

There are creams that you can apply to alleviate the effects of Fordyce spots. Tretinoin cream or gel should be applied to the affected spot daily to make sure that Fordyce spots reduce in number and the condition will not worsen. Tretinoin cream has properties that treat acne and chicken skin which is also similar to Fordyce spots.

Some people use chemical peels in an attempt to renew the layers of skin that they have. The chemical properties of chemical peels can remove the initial layers of the skin and once it peels, new set of skin will replace it afterwards.

Wait and see

Several doctors are against the treatment of Fordyce spots and would rather just have the patient leave it alone after diagnosis. Again, this procedure should only be done after a doctor’s diagnosis since you may not be aware of what the condition really is before visiting a doctor.

As mentioned earlier, there are no set standards in treating Fordyce spots and if you do get these and you don’t want to mess around with different medicines and chemicals, just wait until it recedes or ask your doctor again for other types of treatment for cosmetic reasons.

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