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How to Get Rid of Foundation Stains

Stains can cause several headaches especially if the type of stain is very stubborn and hard to remove. Stains can be caused by different substances and there are chances when the stains get so stubborn that it ruins the surface it goes on forever. If you are using makeup, make sure that you do your best to keep it on your face and avoid having it all over the place.

One type of makeup that can stain surfaces such as fabric is the foundation, especially liquid foundation. This type of makeup is extensively used to hide facial skin flaws and enhance natural beauty. But on a different surface, they can become a nightmare since they can be hard to remove if proper procedures are not performed.

Although hard to get rid of, foundation stains are not impossible to remove. There are several ways to go about in removing foundation stains. When you get foundation stains on your favorite dress or carpet, do not fret as the following procedures can help you prevent getting foundation stains and get rid of it once it is already there:

Identify the stained material

Clothes and different surfaces can be made from different fabrics which react to the different chemicals we treat them with. Make sure that you read on how to take care of the material where the stain spilled on. You will need to adjust the cleaning solution that you will perform on it to avoid damaging the material. There are several materials that may be sensitive to different types of cleaning solutions and what’s worst, it can really do damage to the material to the point that it would be worst than the stain.

Remove fresh stains

When you get foundation on your carpet or on any surface you’d think it would stain, make sure that you remove the foundation as soon as possible. Get a towel or a paper towel and dab it into the area where the stained spot is.

Do not rub the stained part as the stain will spread and will go deeper the material. If the makeup already hardened, make sure that you use plastic utensils such as a knife to scrape off the make up that dried up.

By getting rid of the foundation early on, you don’t have to worry about heavy stains penetrating deeper into the material, making the procedure of removing it much harder than it already is.

Concentrate on the stain

After you have dabbed the heavy stain from the surface, you may want to focus on the stained area when cleaning. Get a water detergent solution and wet the towel with it; apply the solution on the stained area and rub it in clockwise motion. Since the stains have been pre-cleaned already, the chances of it spreading on other areas are no longer possible.

Baking soda is also useful

Baking soda is a wonderful piece of cooking ingredient. Not only that, they can be used for cleaning purposes as well. Baking soda has great absorbing properties, it can absorb odor and can do wonders for stained surfaces.

You can dab baking soda and vinegar solution to the stained area. You can apply it using the same motion as you do when you apply the water and soap solution. Baking soda can absorb even the most stubborn stain which will solve your problem.

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