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How to Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Smell

A garbage disposal is a unique device that is installed under your kitchen sink. It is between the sink’s drain and the trap part which is responsible for shredding food waste into small pieces—enough for it to pass through plumbing. This has become very convenient in almost all of the home owners as it eliminates most of the hassle when washing the plates.

This kind of process sometimes produces an unpleasant odor. Well, you can just imagine; all your food goes through that place. The smell of the food you dropped in there 3 weeks ago somehow gets trapped on the splash guard—tell me if that isn’t going to stink. The continuous build-up of that will result to bacteria formation which will lead to a more foul-smelling sink. Lucky for you that this kind of problem can be solved in no time. Here are a few tips:

Water therapy

The very basic solution to this kind of problem is to wash it with water. The foul odor might be caused by left-over foods that are stuck there. It’s as simple as keeping the water running—before, during and after you dispose anything in there. By doing this, the water will help the bits and pieces of garbage go down completely. Another way that you can use water to eliminate the bad odor is to let it stay there for a while. Using hot water, let it stay there with 1/8 cup of your preferred dishwashing liquid for about 30 minutes to an hour (the longer the better). Afterwards, release the stopper while the garbage disposal device is turned on. That way, you have softened all greases then washed it out completely.

Clean it properly

Nothing beats the magic of simply cleaning your garbage disposal to get rid of the unpleasant smell. Here are a couple of step for you to follow. First, you have to check the black rubber cover for any tiny bits of garbage under its flap. Using an old toothbrush, brush the cover thoroughly and make sure everything is removed. In some cases that the version of disposal you have is the one with permanent flaps, all you have to do is lift up each flap and lean it with you handy-dandy old toothbrush.  There are also many garbage disposal cleaners out there that you can attempt to try out.

Citrus peels

After cleaning the unit and making sure that there are no remnants of garbage in there, the next thing that you have to do is to completely eradicate the smell. Citrus peels are the answer. You can choose anything from lemons, lime and oranges. Just gather the peelings then toss it in your garbage disposal and let it chop them. The aroma and the acidity of the peeling will greatly contribute in getting rid of the bad odor that has been lingering there. For best results, you can toss a few ice cubes too. That would do the trick!


Garbage disposal units dispose garbage, but can in fact be root of a problem, the smell. Occasionally, these mechanisms produce a rapidly spreading horrible stench caused by old food that’s stuck on the splash guard or in the gaps, letting whiff-causing bacteria to develop. It becomes appalling and intolerable if your garbage disposal unit reeks. But fret no more as there are numerous means on how you can do away with of the aggravating garbage disposal smell.

If you prefer utilizing a commercial garbage disposal product, you can procure a deodorizing agent or deodorizer. Such chemicals are particularly formulated to home in on different clean-up and deodorizing troubles. Follow the instructions placed on their containers. The sole disadvantage of these products is they can be expensive.

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