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How To Get Rid Of Gingivitis In Dogs

Gingivitis is a common oral problem that attacks, not only humans, but also dogs. In fact, gingivitis is more common with animals as they do not practice proper dental hygiene like humans. Gingivitis usually starts as a simple plaque. Well, if you do not really take a close look at your dogs, you might not know that they are eating almost any edible food they see even when it is already filled with bacteria. Because of the unsanitary eating habits of dogs, they can easily pick up bacteria and germs that start plaque on their mouth and then lead to gingivitis. Some of the symptoms of gingivitis are bad breath, discoloration, inflammation and swelling or bleeding of your dog’s gums, damaged teeth and sticky saliva.

Gingivitis can bring your dog discomfort. It will prevent him from eating his food well. You may notice your dog constantly pawing on his mouth when he is infected with gingivitis and other oral problems. Gingivitis must be cured as soon as you discover the infection on your do because, if not treated right away, gingivitis can lead to tooth loss, periodontitis and even kidney failure. So if you suspect that your dog is having gingivitis problems, you can follow these tips on how to get rid of gingivitis in dogs.

Brush your dog’s teeth

Dogs acquire more oral bacteria than humans so their everyday dental hygiene should also be observed. Every day, you should take the time to brush your dog’s teeth. Use a special toothpaste formula for dogs and toothbrush designed for dogs as well. You can get these in pet stores.

You can just brush your dog’s teeth the same manner as you normally do to yourself, though it may be hard to keep the dog still. If this is the case, ask someone to help you do the task. Just gently run the toothbrush up and down the dog’s teeth and be sure to reach every tooth. Brush along the gum line, cheeks, and tongue as well.

Give your dog high quality dog food

Higher quality dog foods mean less dirt and bacteria. However, if your dog is suffering from gingivitis, avoid those dog foods that have liquid with them. While treating your dog, only give it dry meals like hard dog biscuits. Avoid feeding your dog foods that have lots of sugar, as sugar attracts more bacteria that can lead to even worse plaque and gingivitis.

Give him lots of water

The human body needs a lot of water in order for it to be in best shape. This is the same with dogs. Water can greatly help in flushing out unwanted toxins, which is why it is important to give your dog lots of water. The more often he drinks the higher chances that the bacteria that cause gingivitis will be washed away from your dog’s mouth.

Take him to the vet

Although gingivitis is a common dental problem, it does not mean that it is less harmful than the others. Gingivitis can lead to other worse infections that are why you must prevent it from getting serious. If you cannot manage your dog’s condition, take him to the vet for a checkup. Ask for advices from the professional about how you can deal with your dog’s gingivitis. Moreover, you can also ask about the different treatments your dog can undergo to get rid of gingivitis.

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