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How to Get Rid of Hamster Mites

The modes of transmission for mites are by contact with other animals. Usually mites will irritate the hamster skin and making the hamster scratch excessively. The skin will sore and some will experience fur loss.  In some cases, mites are easily seen in the dark under torch light.

We don’t want this to happen so the following are some ways you could follow to solve this problem.

Treating with anti-mite spray

In a case of mild infestation, treatment would be with an anti-mite spray which is available at any pet store. When doing this, the head of the hamster should be covered to avoid spraying the eyes and the body. The treatment should be done frequently as directed and also the cage should be cleaned sprayed with anti-mite spray. It is also important to disinfect the cage at all times. The wood chips should also be changed completely and if these wood chips are already infected then the best way to do is to throw them away.

Mites are one of the most universal troubles if you have little animals like hamsters for pets. Hamster mites can be present in the cage or the bedding within where you are lodging your tiny hamster pets. Hamsters can acquire mites from other hamsters or your other pets.

Fortunately, divesting your hamsters of mites is not so complicated. The key treatment is through an anti-mite spray. Maintain cleanliness on your hamster’s cage and all items and beddings inside the cage. Disinfecting is vital to keeping a mite-free setting for your tiny furry friend as well. Anti-mite spray is safe for hamsters. You can buy this at nearly all pet supply stores or from your vet. Apply the spray as directed. Ensure a covering over your hamster’s head to prevent the spray from hitting its eyes and mouth.

Proper isolation of the hamsters

If the hamsters are suffering from mites then they should be properly isolated to avoid infecting the other hamster or animals.  They should be in a secured area. After two days, if the case gets severe then a veterinarian should be consulted. A veterinarian can perform skin scraping to confirm if the causative agent is a mite. Never introduce the hamster back into the population until it is entirely free of mites.

Finding first the source of contamination

If there are things that you are in doubt then dispose it and buy a new one. Finding the source of contamination is very important because it is where you start to work on first.  Mites can often come from other hamsters that have been introduced or even the water or food bowls.  To play things safe, it never hurts to complete clean out the cage with bleach and water.

Hand washing technique before dealing with hamsters

Before and after dealing with the hamster, wash your hands with soap and water to prevent cross infection. Hand washing technique is the basic way to get rid of transmitting different diseases.

Vacuum where the hamster are stored

The floor should be vacuumed where the hamster is kept and it is also necessary to disinfect the hamster cage.  Try to make it a habit of cleaning the hamster cage at least once a week to prevent the mites from coming back.

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