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How To Get Rid Of Henna Tattoos

People are naturally creative and artistic. Most people love to express this creativity through drawing and painting. However, some people take their love for art to the next level to the point that they use ink on their skin. Tattoos have been very common since the ancient times. These tattoos are actually designed on the skin because of cultural beliefs. But most people nowadays only get tattoos for their own personal reasons, particularly for individuality.

Henna tattoos can be really cool, especially if it has been designed nicely. It is also better than permanent tattoo because you can get rid of henna tattoos if you grew tired of it, unlike with permanent tattoo which will stay lastingly. Getting henna tattoo is also an effective way to show your personality. But what if your tattoo artist made a mistake while designing your tattoo? Or you got admitted to a school where they do not allow students with tattoo? Chances are you will need to remove it. Here are some things you can do to get rid of henna tattoos.

Exfoliate your skin

Skin exfoliation is one of the best treatments that you can do to keep your skin healthy. It is also a simple remedy for removing tattoos. When you exfoliate your skin, your pores are being unclogged and your dead skin cells are also renewed. Since henna tattoo is made up of ink that fills your pores, it can easily be removed by scrubbing exfoliating solution on your skin.

You can either use store-bought exfoliating solution or you can make your own formula with the use of skin-friendly fruits like apple or papaya.

Scrub when bathing

Frequent scrubbing may lessen the visibility of your henna tattoo and completely remove it over time. Whenever you go to the bathroom to bathe or to take a shower, try using a loofah or scrubbing puff against your tattooed skin. Gently scrub it for minutes every time you take a bath, and within a few days to weeks, you will be able to get rid of henna tattoo.

When you are scrubbing your skin, be sure not too scrub too harshly, because it might damage your skin and you may even get scratches.

Use moisturizing cream

Moisturizing creams have components that help nourish the skin, and help take off henna tattoo. The moister the skin is, the faster the removal of henna tattoo will be. So every after you finished showering, you can try using moisturizing cream. Simply apply a big amount of moisturizing cream over the henna tattoo. Do this a few times a day, every day.

Apply Vitamin E oil

As mentioned, henna tattoo can be lightened up by using oil. If you do not have moisturizing cream, you can just use oil that has Vitamin E. The regular baby oil will be fine. Simply rub your tattoo with some oil to keep the moisture in.

Let the heat get into the henna tattoo

Henna tattoo will eventually fade, but you can speed up the process by exposing the tattoo to heat. The sun can lighten up the henna tattoo, so as much as possible, do not cover the tattoo and just the sun bleach it naturally.

Go to the tattoo artist

If these methods did not work, you can go to your tattoo artist and ask him for advice on how to get rid of henna tattoos.

What worked for you?

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