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How To Get Rid Of Highlights in Hair

Are you one of those who followed the highlights craze and then ended up regretting that you got it in the first place? There are many beauty treatments that people try out in order to change and improve their image. Cosmetics, beauty pills, and even hair colors – these are just some of the most common things that people use to define their image. However, the trend changes and you might feel the need to bring back your natural appearance and get rid of all these cosmetic products that you used like hair dyes and highlights.

The good news is that there are several ways that you can do to get rid of highlights in your hair. Some of them are easy to administer, while some of the methods need to be done in a salon by a hair stylist. Nevertheless, getting rid of highlights is not really much of a challenge. Here are some things that you can do to get rid of highlights.

Have the highlighted part cut off

If your hair has already grown and has made way for natural hair growth, then you can just choose to get the highlighted part of your hair be cut off. However, this might not be a good idea for those who love their hair long and beautiful. But if you are willing to try and go for a new hairstyle, you can just visit the salon and ask for a short cut that will complement your appearance.

Dye your hair

If you want to remove highlights from your hair, you can get rid of it by using more hair dye. Highlights can be easily covered up by hair dyes that are readily sold in the market. Just look for the color that is almost the same shade as your natural hair and you can use it in the comforts of your home to get rid of the highlights.

First, you should test if you can dye your hair safely. Just cut off some highlighted hair and apply the hair dye into it to check if you really got the right shade for your hair. You should also do some skin test by applying a small amount of dye on your scalp. This is to ensure that no irritation will occur. If no adverse reaction happened within 24 hours, you can proceed to using the hair dye. Simply follow the instructions indicted on the label of the product. Usually, it takes about 6 months for permanent hair dyes to fade away. You can just reapply if it needed, but do not abuse the use of too much chemicals on your hair.

Do deep conditioning treatments

Using hair dyes on your hair is not really very healthy for your hair and scalp. That is why, it is important that you treat your head for a deep conditioning treatment to maintain its health. You can get deep conditioning treatment at health and beauty shops too. Just follow the directions on how to use it. Deep conditioning treatments are best done about once a week for a long-time protection.

Avoid using blow dryer or hair iron

The heat coming from blow dryer and hair iron can damage your hair and make it appear lighter than usual. When this happens, it will just make the coated highlights to become more visible. So as much as possible, stay away from using these devices in styling your hair.

Go to your hair stylist

If you are wary about doing home treatments by yourself, then go ask for advices from your hair stylist.

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