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How To Get Rid Of Hiss On Audio

Everybody is into music. It can be used to depict many things about some stuff in this world or showcase the soul of the composer to your ears through his music. As such, many people today retain that popular culture to listen, compose, and share music. But unlike the golden days, technology is way more advanced today when it comes to the music industry. You wouldn’t normally see a guy carrying huge radios on their shoulders, as MP3 players with headsets and earphones are already invented, and this is exactly the hype you commonly see on the streets today. Some cellphone even have music players built in for the users to enjoy. To put it simply, music is still an important part of society and part of the human culture, but however advanced today’s technology may be, problems still exist with the new generation music players. Sometimes the audio produces an annoying sound called an audio hiss.

The audio hiss can be noticed when listening to the music piece itself. It can deteriorate and reduce the clarity of a recording’s sound. Not only does it ruin the piece itself, but it can leave your ears experiencing half the pleasure it should when listening to music. It can even bring you headache. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to remedy this situation. There is certain software available to make the audio hiss leave the audio file. They will make the audio much clearer and reduce the noise caused by the audio hiss itself. You will need to highlight a section of the audio using the software that is pure noise, then diagnose with the program to fix it. However, you can only use this program if you use your computer on a daily basis. Do not fear. This article will guide you on how to use such software for your convenience. Not only that, but it will show you how to get rid of audio hiss.

Install the program

The first part is installing the program. Find an audio hiss application that is safe to run. Double-click the application icon to get started. Let it run and keep clicking “Next” to complete installation. The procedure is usually just asking you to agree to their terms of agreement, choosing a destination where to install which is automatically done by your computer, but you can change it if you want. Just wait until the program has finished installing itself.

Get the audio file

Drag the file you want to rid of audio hiss to the application you just installed. This will take the file piece by piece for you to edit. However, not all software of this type is a drag and do. In these cases, you can import the files via “File,” “Import,” then browse your computer for the file, then click “OK.”

Edit the file

Now that you have everything you need, time to actually edit the file. You will see parts of the audio you just imported. Highlight the pure noise from the audio file for a few seconds by clicking and holding the mouse down. Then drag it into the audio track. You can now just look up for the “Noise Reduction” tool and experiment with it until you get your preferred sound.

Ask an expert

Dealing with software like audio mixers is quite hard for those who are not really into computers. If this is your case, just ask an expert to help you.

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