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How To Get Rid Of History On Computer

Whenever you use your computer, it will automatically run a lot of processes that enable you to use the different apps and programs installed on it. But did you know that every place you visit using computer’s browser goes straight and gets stored in a portion of your disk space? This means that, the more you browse, the bigger space your computer history will be eating up. Not only that, this means that anyone can access and track all the sites and files that you downloaded using your computer. But fear not. If you do not want other people gaining access to the page links you visited, you can just change your browser’s settings and you can get rid of your computer history.

Cleaning up your computer history is actually not too hard. You just have to find the location of your history files and then hit the delete key. It is important to monitor your browser’s history every now and then, especially if you use a shared computer. Moreover, an overloaded computer history can make your computer run very slow. So here are some tips you can follow in order to keep your computer history clean.

Open your Internet settings

In order to access your Internet settings, first, open the start menu on your desktop. You can also simply hit the window key on your keyboard. Find the settings menu or Control Panel. Click on the Network and Internet, and then click on the Internet Option menu. A new window will pop out and you will see different tabs. On the General tab, you will find the Browsing History section. Click on the Settings under the Browsing History section and just adjust it according to your preferences. You can see there the temporary browsing files, the space allocated to it, and etc.

Clean up thru Internet browser

Another approach you can do when you are getting rid of history on your computer is to open up the web browser you are using. Simply find the Tools tab on the menu bar. Click on it and a drop down menu will appear. Look for the Internet Options or a similar menu. Then, click on it and a new dialog box will appear. Look for the Privacy tab and there, you will see History settings. Once again, you can just experiment with the settings according to your preferences. You will see their options when your browser would automatically delete history and a whole lot more.

Some browsers also make deleting history easier. If you want to instantly clear your recent browsing history, you can try hitting Ctrl, Shift, Del keys on your keyboard at the same time.

Get a software program for history files

If you want to get rid of history files on your computer permanently and more effectively, you can try out some software or program that can clean up your browsing history. Of course, this is recommended only for advanced computer users. If you have less knowledge about computers, just ask for assistance from someone who knows a lot about tinkering with computers.

Choose to browse privately

Some browsers like Firefox offer private browsing. This is an option where you can surf the net without the computer storing the pages you have visited. To activate this setting, open your browser, click on Tools menu and then choose the Start Private Browsing option. This will hinder your browser from automatically keeping a trace of the pages you visit.

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