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How to Get Rid of Hot Sauce Burn

Food can be boring at times, this is why we have different sauces to enhance and bring out its natural flavor. Sometimes we would like to have an extra kick in our food and this can be provided by hot sauces. Hot sauces are made from fresh peppers that can boost a person’s appetite. However, too much of hot sauce can lead to hot sauce burn which can be painful.

The mouth is one of the most exposed part of the body and it can be very sensitive. And you may be well aware of the effects of hot chili rubbing against the mouth. A burning sensation will slowly creep around the mouth which is very painful; so painful that even if you try to mask it by drinking water.

Hot sauce burn doesn’t only affect the mouth, the hands can get burns as well if the hot sauce is concentrated. If hot sauce burn is left on the skin or in the mouth, it will leave a burning sensation that can really hurt. You can try the following steps to remove hot sauce burn which will give you a soothing feeling:

Gargle warm water

If you feel that your mouth is starting to feel swollen and numb, gargle warm water immediately. This is not a permanent solution since after you spit or take the water out of your mouth, the burning sensation will come back. You can continue doing this until the heat is tolerable or until it dissipates. Warm water will counter the effects of the burning sensation from your mouth and will provide a cool feeling.

Have a candy

Candy can also help get rid of hot sauce burn in the mouth. Make sure that you don’t take menthol candies as they can add to the burning effect of the hot sauce. Rather stick with sweet candies which will also counter any effects of the hot sauce.

Use mild sauce

It would be better to prevent getting hot sauce burn by not using hot sauce at all. You can try mild sauce which is slightly less hot compared to hot sauce. You can even take lots of mild sauce without getting the effect a hot sauce gives. Mild sauce still provides a certain chili flavor that will satisfy your taste buds without burning your tongue.

If you can’t stop using hot sauce, eat it in moderation. You can stop eating it when you feel the burning sensation is starting. You should avoid eating hot sauce by itself; you’d rather combine it with the food that you are eating. Also, avoid direct contact with the hot sauce when it enters your mouth.

Drink milk

You may have already watched a show where the host would eat up a lot of spicy food and will drown it with milk. Milk contains lactic acid that can dissolve capsaicin which is a major component of a spicy food. When this component is dissolved, the spiciness of the food will vanish. Capsaicin is an oil and it lingers in the mouth, this is the reason why the burning sensation sticks in the mouth long after you have eaten a spicy condiment. The same explanation goes when you gargle with warm or cold water as they also dissolve capsaicin compared to gargling with cold water which basically does nothing.

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