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How to Get Rid of Hot Spots on Dogs

Animals are also prone to experiencing different medical conditions. Although their body may react differently compared to humans; one thing is for sure, they can get hurt and they can get sick. Depending on the dog’s condition, their body may react differently and it is important to know the different symptoms to be sure that you can treat them correctly. Host spots on dogs can occur and they can be very painful.

Hot spots, as the name implies are painful red spots in a dog’s body. They can be irritating to dogs and the worst part is that your dog may scratch which can cause bleeding and can worsen the condition. Hot spots are caused by moisture combined with excessive mess in your dog’s body. This condition can worsen if the proper treatment is not given to your dogs.

Animals should be given the same amount of health care as humans since they are living beings and are considered as part of the family already. Treating hot spots can take several days or weeks and constant medication should be provided to make sure that the dog is protected. You can perform the following to be sure that dogs will get the medical attention that they deserve:

Constantly clean the dogs

Dogs can get themselves into a lot of mess since they are very active animals. You should remember that hot spots on the dogs are caused by excessive dirt and moisture. You don’t have to shower the dog daily but you need to set up a schedule when you will clean your dog. Cleaning the dogs would also get rid of any parasites that can exacerbate the condition of the dog. Furthermore, dogs that have hot spots should be dried really well and should not be allowed to run around and sweat since this can also worsen the condition.

Shave fur around the infected area

If you don’t know it yet, well hair can irritate hot spots in the same manner as human hair can irritate wounds found on the head. What you need to do is shave the fur around where the hot spots are located. Make sure that you use scissors that don’t have a pointy end to avoid hurting the dog. Shave the infected area all the way to the skin and make sure that proper care is done to avoid irritating the hot spot even further.

Check with a vet

Applying creams to your dogs without the proper advice of a veterinarian is irresponsible since dogs may react to the medicine differently. Check with a vet first to be sure that they will be prescribed with the appropriate medicine that you can apply to the dog. Also, having your dog checked by a vet would allow them to see if there are any underlying causes that is causing the hot spots.

Apply creams

After you check with a veterinarian, depending on the medicine that they prescribe, you should apply creams to the dog. Creams that contain vitamin E or topical relief cream can be used to dry the hot spot.

Place a dog cone around the neck of your dog

Dogs just love to lick themselves and they love scratching their body with their feet or by biting. This is the reason why you need to put a cone around their head to prevent them from reaching their body with their mouth. Licking the hot spot can cause irritation and could worsen the situation.


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