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How to Get Rid of Ice Pick Scars

Ice pick scars are the kind of scars caused by acne mostly found on the cheeks. It is named ice pick because of its size and shape. Due to the shape of the scar, it is often imagined as damage left by being stabbed with an ice pick. Anyone wouldn’t like to have ice pick scars right? The following are some of the ways to get rid of ice pick scars:

Stretch out the skin

There are times that ice pick scars can be lessened by stretching out the skin but this only works for soft scars.

Laser treatment for this kind of scar

Laser treatment can be a good option because it encourages the body to regenerate the skin and soften the scarred area. In few cases, laser is also indicated to remove the scars completely.

Laser Resurfacing

Ice pick scars are entrenched wounds that result in a hole and occasionally look like an orange peel or like tapered piercings in the skin, as if a tiny ice pick was what made it. Ice pick scars are naturally caused by acne lesions that didn’t properly heal. Ice pick scars can make anyone feel insecure and disturbed about how they look, particularly as they’re difficult to conceal through makeup. Nevertheless, there are ways that can help you permanently eliminate ice pick scars.

Undergo laser resurfacing as a cure for your ice pick scars. This method takes effect through smoldering the outer layer of skin with a laser. The moment this tissue heals, it is a lot softer and ice pick scars are tinier and much more subtle. It can also contract your skin pores.

Initial consultation with dermatologist of choice

Since, we are dealing with scars that are considered permanent. The dermatologist must examine first the scar and different interventions will be done to remove the ice pick scars. This kind of treatment is proven to be the most successful for many people.

Collagen Injection

This procedure is filling out the holes that are made by the scars. It some cases it is considered to be effective but not primarily on acne scars. Injections are effective for 3 to 6 months that has been administered on a consistent basis.

Undergoing subcision procedure

This procedure is done to detach the scar from the deeper tissue. This method will form a blood clot at the site allowing it to level out the skin. This kind of procedure needs multiple treatments in order to be considered successful.

Aloe vera treatment

Aloe vera is known to be effective and the most often used way to treat scars.  The chemicals found in the plant are postulated to work effectively on damaged skin. The gel that can be found inside the plant is used to treat marks and scars.

With the aid of lemon extract

Lemon is normally acidic in nature which is of help when it comes to scar treatment. They also clean the pores in the skin and we apply the lemon juice directly over the ice pick scars.

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