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How to Get Rid of Impacted Ear Wax

Impacted ear wax is a common condition that results when a person tries to clean the outer portion of the ear, but ended up having pushed the wax down by plugging the outer ear canal. The production of ear wax depends on each individual. There are individuals that produce little wax while others overproduce to the point of that blockage may occur. The following are the symptoms of impacted ear wax: vertigo, cough, tinnitus and itching of the ears. We don’t want to get into an embarrassing situation, yes? So the following are the ways on how to get rid of impacted ear wax:

Get rid of using Q-tips in cleaning the ears

Avoiding Q-tips in cleaning the ears is the way to get rid of impacted ear wax. If the person is currently wearing hearing aid then the ears should be monitored regularly to avoid impacted ear wax. In cleaning the ears, it should be done with extra care because the ear is very delicate. Failure to clean the ears properly can lead to permanent hearing loss.

Putting drops of oil in the outer ear

With the help of a friend, put few drops of oil to soften the impacted ear wax inside the ear. There are number of oil available in the market that can help to soften the impacted ear wax. But performing this at home is contraindicated for person having perforated ear drum or ear tube. Person having weak immune system like cancer and diabetic patients are not encouraged to do this at home.

Eating foods that prevent ear wax buildup

Eat foods like fish, avocados and nuts that contain Omega 3. These foods are healthy and they also reduce ear wax production.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide in removing impacted ear wax

With the help of ear dropper, the head should be tilt when applying hydrogen peroxide. Let it rest for a few minutes and flash it out with warm water.

Using suction devices on affected ears

Suction devices can be a solution to this problem to break and remove the impacted ear wax. The procedure can only be done by a health practitioner to prevent further damage of the ear and eardrum.

Liquid Agent

Ear wax, or cerumen, is in fact not wax, but a blend of fragments like dead skin, ear hair and water secretions for example. Cerumen is produced by glands within your ear canal. The cerumen has self-cleansing greasing components and bactericides. Impaction can take place when the ear wax gets stuck in the ear and begins to obstruct the ear canal. This may result to aching, strain, short-term hearing deficiency, or buzzing inside the ear.

Employ a specially advised or suggested liquid agent. You may place a few drops into your ear and let the mixture break down the wax upsurge a minute or two. You will notice the wax gradually softens by the liquid agent solution. Once it has softened enough and easy to remove, try to take out the impacted ear wax.

Try the ear candle method

This method is very controversial, so you’ll want to test this at your own risk!  What you’re going to want to do is place an “ear cone” in your ear.  The lit candle is then going to draw the ear wax out of your ear.  Many swear that it works, while many say that it can do more harm than good.  There are kits online that you can try.

  1. Eva Said,

    Ear wax can be a nuisance in my personal life, often times I’ve tried everything from keys to Q-Tips to clear it out (with little success). I have however found an exciting/fun/unique way to deal with ear wax. This can be purchased at a store or done from home. I roll up a piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper into a cone and stick it in my ear, laying sideways. I then have someone light the top of the paper (also watching for ash falling). The flame burns the oxygen inside the cone, creating a vacuum and gently coaxing the wax out of your ear! Presto!

  2. sunny Said,

    You may think I am crazy but this the very best way to get rid of ear wax. I am from Montana, I lived close to the Crow Reservation and shopped at stores that the Squaws shopped. One day I went to the store my daughter had been screaming for hours with an ear ache. I wanted to see if they had anything that might. One of the Indian ladies heard me talking to the clerk and came over to me. It is easy to get rid of ear ache, she said. Take a drinking straw, stick it the babys ear, then light it being care to hold straw away from babys hair. Soon baby will be fine. The clerk had nothing to help me, but I needed a paper straw. My husband went to the fast food and managed to get one. We put the straw in her right ear and lit the end of the straw. When the straw was burned half way down, we took it out. Believe it or not, she went to sleep and that was the end of the ear ache.

  3. IA@HealthCenter Said,

    There’s no real way to get rid of impacted ear wax yourself – the insides of the ears and eardrums are quite fragile and sensitive, and you can do some damage if you go poking around in there all by yourself. However, ear syringing is only a 20-30 minute procedure at your local clinic, as long as the wax has been softened first with a suitable oil or peroxide eardrop formula. After getting the drops from your local pharmacist, a few drops in each ear before going to bed will do the trick. you may also want to plug your ears afterwards with a small amount of cotton wool, or lie on a towel, because it can get a bit messy. After a week of this, the wax should be softened up enough that the nurse can get it out no problem.

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