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How to Get Rid of Incense Smell

Incense has been commonly used for religious ceremonies as this thin stick made of aromatic plants combined with essential oils can produce fragrant smoke when burned, masking any foul or unwanted odor which creates a mood that can be relaxing.

Once the fragrance is released through burning, the smell would linger and it can be quite annoying since the smell can be too much and can cause nausea or headaches. The smell can be overpowering at times that it can be intolerable especially if mixed with other fragrances.

This is the reason why people who uses incense have to make sure that they have the appropriate means to remove the incense smell before lighting one up. Here are steps to help in getting rid of incense smells:

Open up windows and exhaust

Probably the simplest way to get rid of incense smell is by opening windows and doors to allow the air to circulate inside the room. Air circulation is important as this would spread the scent in a wider space which would cause the smell of the incense dissipate.

If you have exhaust fans in the house, it is a good idea to turn it on as this will suck the scent out of the room faster. If you have just a regular electric fan you can also turn this on which also allows for better air circulation. Depending on the room’ ventilation, the scent will be gone in a matter of a few minutes to an hour at most.

Use baking soda and vinegar solution

It’s no secret that baking soda absorbs bad odor and are commonly used as a household cleaner. Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar in a sprayer and set it to mist. Once you have the mixture, spray it all over the house as this will help to neutralize the odor. If there is still incense smell after you perform this, you can try once more as the smell can stay within a few hours, it would be a good idea to ventilate the area first before spraying the solution.

Use different methods on different surfaces

The smell of smoke clings to different surfaces, you may have experienced after grilling smell since the smoke coming from the grill is absorbed by the clothes that you wear or even your skin. The same goes for incense smoke, the scent can hold on to different types of surfaces and it stays there.

If the smell creeps in the cabinet the baking soda and vinegar solution will definitely do the trick as baking soda alone will not be able to do the job. Since the cabinet is an enclosed space, you can put charcoal in it as well, same concept as putting charcoal in a fridge that has been turned off. Sprinkling baking soda on furniture will be effective in removing the incense smell from it. Make sure that you disassemble the furniture if possible so you can get into the crevices which can hold the smell as well.

Get professional help

If you neither have the time no the effort to remove the scent of incense smell or if the smell is still apparent after your efforts, you can seek the help of professional cleaners. They use special chemicals that can immediately help to remove incense smell in the house either on the air or on any surface.

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