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How to Get Rid of Infected Taste Buds

Food is an essential component of life. Without food, our body will not be able to perform properly since we don’t have energy to burn. There are extreme cases that people are not able to feed themselves and starve to death. Since the earliest times, humans have eaten different types of food and nowadays a lot of people are looking for a meal that will not only satisfy their hunger but their taste buds as well.

Taste buds are part of the tongue that contains the receptor for our sense of taste. These taste receptors are responsible for detecting whether food is sour, sweet, salty, bitter and umami. Taste buds are different kind of muscle fibers and there are times that they can irritated or have nutrient deficiency which can lead to swollen taste buds.

When this happens, expect to see whitish spots as well as swelling in on your tongue. You should expect stinging pain as well as lacking the sense of taste. Infected taste buds can lead to complications such as mouth ulcers. To get rid of infected taste buds, here are some of the things that you can follow to avoid complications:

Gargle with warm saline solution

Disinfecting the mouth can be tricky thing to do. Most of the disinfectants that we know are only used externally so we should come up with ones that we can gargle with. Rather than running up to a local pharmacy, you can go to your kitchen instead. Once in there, prepare a cup of warm water and then add salt, mix it together and you now have saline solution.

Gargle using saline solution for at least 2 or 3 times a day. This is the fastest way to control the spread of the infection. It may not present the most effective solution but when you get infected taste buds, it will do fine in controlling the bacteria. You can actually apply salt directly to your tongue but if you feel that you would rather not taste a lot of saltiness in your mouth, you should just stick with the saline solution.

Apply ice

Infected taste buds can be caused by a number of things and one of them is when you eat hot food that can cause a burning sensation to your tongue. When this happens you can get ice cubes to soothe the burning feeling. Although you should take note that applying too much force can prevent blood flow in your tongue further irritating the tongue.

Observe proper oral hygiene

No matter what you put in your mouth to treat infected taste buds, you can expect the symptoms to come back if you have poor oral hygiene. Even if you don’t have infected taste buds, you would do yourself a favor by brushing your teeth and making sure that you gargle with mouthwash. Keep in mind though that when you use mouthwash, make sure that you don’t use alcohol based mouthwash since they can further irritate the taste buds.

Do not eat food with extreme flavors

To prevent further irritating your taste buds, you should stop eating food that is extremely hot or cold. You should avoid food that is either too salty or spicy. Stick with neutral tasting foods just to help alleviate the effects of further irritating the taste buds.

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