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How to Get Rid of Irrational Fears

Irrational fear is often called phobia. Phobias are not just simple fears. That is why it’s called irrational fear because the effect of a simple fear leads to major outcomes. Experts say that when a person has a phobia on a particular thing/person/happening, it can severely impair his/her ability to function properly. This is because a simple fear tends to be exaggerated thus causing the person to react in the moat unnatural way.

The cause of the fear may be something personal or something that he/she could relate to. It is known to be a first-rate anxiety disorder. Whenever the person is faced with the source of fear, he/she begins to have panic attacks. This is usually accompanied by sweating, palpitations, breathlessness and nausea. Irrational fear can be overcome by those who are strong willed and courageous enough to do it.

Identify your phobia

The first thing that you have to do to be able to overcome it is to know your trigger point—the source of your fear. You have to set yourself that you are going to face your fear no matter what happens. Set your plans and your goal—be determined. Dedication is the key to overcome your irrational fear.  Professional help is going to be your best best when it comes down to getting rid of these types of fears.


This is the ability to get into one’s subconscious. In doing this, the fear or phobia that your currently have will be minimize. An expert in this field is a specialized psychologist. Upon the hypnotherapy, your mind will relax and you will be in an illusion wherein you are in a different place—a mind so serene that you feel as if everything is safe. By doing this, the psychologist can go working into your subconscious mind that is causing your phobia.

Energy Psychology

This can be comparable to acupuncture—without the needles. This is considered as one of the fastest and effective way to overcome ones irrational fear. While in an energy psychology, you are in control of your actions. While you are in that state, you also remain very relaxed that will help in releasing those irrational fears.  Be sure to talk with some professionals in your area to see if they can give you some quotes on what it’s going to cost in order to get this procedure done.  Many will often provide a free consultation as well.

Progressive exposure to the source of fear

Continuous and progressive exposure to your trigger point will give you a good chance of overcoming it. A progressive exposure starts by exposing yourself with the origin of your fear in little doses. For example, you have a fear of heights. Maybe you can start by looking down from a small flight of stairs. Then maybe you can go up the second floor the next week then add another floor on the next week. After a few sessions, you will see that you will be less scared and you will have fewer palpitations and other symptoms. Remember that this is done gradually so that the person involved will not be terrified and shocked.

What worked for you?

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