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How to Get Rid of Itchy Sunburn

When you say rest and recreation, most people think about sandy beaches and hammock swinging from trees. Because there is nothing like spending your day under the sun while staring at the vast sea. But remember that the sun has harmful radioactive rays that can affect your body in a negative way. One skin condition that you get from overexposure to the sun is having sunburn.

Sunburn are small patches of burns on the skin and most of the time, they can be very itchy. The energy of the UV rays are absorbed by the skin and it will build up over the course of the exposure. Sunburn is a skin condition that can be considered as mild irritation of the skin, but remember that sunburn can be accidentally scratched which can give you wounds and infection that will follow after.

It may be harmless at first but the condition can get worst and this is the reason why you need to get rid of itchy sunburn. There are several ways to do this and some of them can be found below. All you have to do is make sure that you follow the procedures to the dot to guarantee safe and effective removal of itchy sunburn that is sure to give you headaches:

Avoid spending a lot of time under the sun

We all know it can be tempting to spend your sun under the sun since you can go to the beach and have fun in the swimming pool. But remember the consequences since it can greatly affect your skin. In worst cases, you can expect to get sunburned and it will cause your skin to peel off. Well if you know that this is going to happen, might as well try to limit yourself from being exposed under the sun.

If you totally can’t avoid it, you can apply sunscreen or tanning lotions that can block off the effects of the sun’s harmful rays. Although this is an option, you need to consider the side effects of having this kind of lifestyle. At times, it would be best to take a rest every now and then so the skin can recover from the previous exposure.

Use topical creams as sunburn remedies

There are several products available in pharmacies that can help you treat bad sunburn. These creams can be purchased over the counter which makes them ideal for use. Make sure that the topical cream that you purchased will promote healthy skin and can provide your skin with moisture. The cream itself is not painful when applied and on the contrary they even promote a soothing sensation. The effects of the cream can be seen at different times since each body has different reactions from different substances.

Use household items

If you don’t feel like spending on creams or tanning lotions, you can look around your house for a solution. You may not always agree with what is presented but try arguing after you see the results. One of the household items that you can use is vinegar. All you need to do is fill up an empty spray container with vinegar and spray it directly to the affected area. It can sting since vinegar contains acid. But it does wonders for sunburned skin; just allow it to drip and dry without rubbing.

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