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How To Get Rid Of Jewelry Tarnish

Fashion is one of the things that could satisfy an individual so long as they are interested in it. There are many ways to promote fashion that could help turn a total slouch into a swell-looking person – from clothes to jewelry, and even perfume and cologne. Even old people rely on fashion to make them feel young again. But like them, stuff used in fashion can also turn old and obsolete. To make them last longer, there are things you can do but that also depends on what it is. Proper storage and cleaning of your stuff can make them last longer and have more use than they should. Here is an example of an object that needs maintenance to maintain its beautiful appearance.

Jewelry is very common, mostly to women. Watches, earrings, rings, circlets, chokers – all have their merits and can make you look fabulous. But what happens when they outlived their usefulness? Even though it may take a while, it will happen like with other things. Jewelry tarnish is one thing that can damage your precious blings. It is a hassle to remove. They are present in silver, copper, and other semi-reactive materials. These materials are prone to tarnish. Of course, there are also chemicals you can purchase to remove the tarnish, but some are harsh and dangerous to metal and even your hands. There are other ways to remove the tarnish and still obtain the same jewelry as if you bought them brand new. Some chemicals can thin metal and ruin some jewelry so here are safer tips on how to get rid of jewelry tarnishes and keep your jewelry stay new.

The baking soda

Baking soda contains chemicals that can help shine and clean metal. Lay down the jewelry you wish to clean on a dish with aluminum foil as lining. Make sure you expose the jewelry to the foil and leave it there. Boil about a cup of water. Then slowly place about 1/4 cup of baking soda. Be careful not to make it fizz. Now take this mixture and add it on the dish with the jewelry on it. This should remove minor tarnishes in no time.

The vinegar

It is similar to the baking soda, except more acidic. But that also means more power. It should be used on stubborn tarnishes that refuse to go away. In a much shallower dish, get 2 teaspoon of table salt to begin. Place it in about 1/2 cup of vinegar. In this simple mixture, place the jewelry you wish to clean and make sure it is fully covered. Leave your jewelry in the solution until all of the tarnishes disappear. Then fully rinse the jewelry using warm water. Make sure you rinse properly or the jewelry will sport a greenish color.

The lemon

Lemon is another acidic substance that can mean glory to your tarnish-covered jewelry. Squeeze the lemon into another shallow dish. Again, place the jewelry in the newly squeezed lemon juice and make sure it is fully covered. Like the vinegar, leave your jewelry with the juice until the tarnish disappears and leaves your jewelry sparkling new. Then rinse once more with warm water and voila.

The jewelry shop

If all else fails, there’s the jewelry shop. Some of them offer cleaning but charges a lot of money. But if you really need the jewelry clean and none of the above works, the shop can clean your jewelry without damaging them. Again, it comes witha price, but since they specialize jewelry, you have nothing to fear.

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