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How To Get Rid Of Killdeer Birds

Birds come in all shapes, sizes and characteristics. Some are small, some are big. Some are docile, some are hostile. Some are peaceful, some are territorial. But most of them share the common ability to fly and leave impressions a few can only see. Birds usually live in peace with their flock. This is true especially with the Killdeer birds. Unlike most birds, they are precocial. This means that their newborn is ready to run around as soon as they hatch from their eggs. They usually appear during spring and summer. Of course, like most birds they travel in flocks. A lot are in one place at the same time so you wouldn’t say they are endangered. However, while a bunch of birds are fun to watch, it has its downside. For instance, imagine all of them making their call to you all at the same time. That wouldn’t be music to your ears now would it?

Killdeer birds, as mentioned above, like to travel in flocks. To this nature, everything they do, they do together. As it states, even when they call and chirp, they do it together. This proves annoying since they have voices that aren’t pleasant to the ears. Also when they nest, they are near one another making them big nuisance. But that’s not even half of it. When they nest, many others come. They attract each other like magnets meaning it would double the population of the birds. Not to mention, when they defecate, a lot of them go and their droppings can leave a big mess. The place they stay doesn’t stay sanitary for too long. They can make a mess of it in a short amount of time. However, this doesn’t mean that the Killdeers are dangerous. They can keep out insects out of certain areas so they can be helpful at times. But too much of them will make that place intolerable if left untreated. This article will show you how to get rid of killdeer birds.

Pinpoint the killdeer’s nests

You can do this by watching their habits closely. They usually nest in areas with short grass and weeds. If none are present, they could be in pits or graveled areas. To this logic, they will nest in places where they can see their prey while standing on the ground. Animals like pore coyote, dog, cat, and fox urinate near their nests and other places they aren’t wanted. This will pinpoint exactly where their nests are. Wear gloves when exploring.

Let the grass grow

In places you suspect their nests are, let the grass and plants grow at least 8 inches above the ground. This will prevent the killdeer birds to see their prey, forcing them to migrate elsewhere where the food is easier to access.

Arm thyself with a handgun or a shotgun if possible

You can obtain permits for these at your local gun shop. But don’t use these firearms to kill the poor birds. You just need a loud noise so firing near their nesting grounds to drive them away is enough. If acquiring firearms proves impossible, firecrackers will do.

Put up some crows

Crows scare these birds so putting fake crows or other large birds near around the area will prevent the killdeer birds form nesting there. Place on posts and trees. If you are looking to drive away the birds, allow your dog or cat to roam about their nesting place.

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