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How To Get Rid Of Kitten Eye Infection

Cats are quite adorable and a number of people prefer them as pets over dogs. This maybe because cats are much sanitary if trained properly. Also, they do not jump all over you with their dirty paws and quite tame once they get to know you. They are a delight to have around and shouldn’t be treated badly as they pull their own weights even though they tend to be lazy at times. Not to mention they can take care of themselves hygiene-wise compared to other pets. However, there are times when, even though your cat seems to be clean, it can still get unwanted diseases like eye infections.

Eye infections are no good to both man and beast. Eyes are very important parts of the body and when it gets impaired, the whole body mechanisms are affected. Seeing a cat suffering from an eye infection is pitiful and it should be treated immediately. You will notice that they have eye problems if their eyes looks swollen, red, watery, half closed and there are discharge coming from it. If any of these occur in your cat, then they have an eye infection and something is definitely wrong with your cat’s eyes. They should be treated as soon as you see them or else it will be too late to do anything for your poor little kitten. This article will show you how to get rid of kitten eye infection.

Cut your cat’s hair

Try to leave room for the infected eye. As much as possible, trim all hair from the infected eye. The hair can and might irritate a kitten’s eye and cause more swelling and pain. It is best to lessen the distress brought to your cat by cutting excess hair that could irritate the infected eye.

Clean up the area

Cleanse the mucus and discharges from the infected eye. Use a cotton ball and dip it in a bowl of clean, lukewarm water, squeeze excess water, and wipe away any discharges from the infected eye. Remember that cats are timid, so it’s best to do this carefully. After successfully removing the discharges from the infected eye, you can now begin to apply a warm compress to reduce the swelling. Hold the compress gently on the kitten’s infected eye for a few minutes. Do this as often as you can every day.

Go to the vet

Talk to your local veterinarian and have them look about your kitten’s infected eye. They will run tests and administer the appropriate medication for your precious feline. Antibiotics and ointments are the most common medication for treatment and your local vet will know which the best suited ones are.

Give the medications

After going to the vet, administer the prescribed medicine to your kitten. Cats hate medicine so it’s best to administer the antibiotics by hiding them in their food. Eye drops should be administered with the correct dosage into the infected eye. And finally, ointments should be massaged across the surface of the eyes, with the eyelids closed.

Keep an eye on your cat

After rigorous treatment and care, examine your kitten’s eyes to see if any infections still persists. Do this on a daily basis to prevent the same problem. Now is a good time for your kitten to get vaccination to permanently prevent future eye infections. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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