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How To Get Rid of Lawn Mushrooms

Mushroom is probably the most delicious edible fungi out there. Well, people either love or hate mushroom. Some just cannot get enough of it while others dare not to take even just a bite. Aside from the taste debate, mushroom can also be a big issue to a homeowner with a well-grown lawn.

Mushrooms are basically fungi and they grow and multiply by themselves. If mushroom start to grow on your garden, they will continue multiplying until they overtake the whole lawn. So even during the first signs of mushroom growth, you should already take actions. Not only can some mushroom be poisonous, but they also steal away nutrients that are ought to be received by your plants. If you want to get rid of lawn mushroom, here are some easy solutions you can try.

Know your lawn mushroom

Some mushrooms are edible and some are not. Before you instantly kill those mushrooms on your lawn, you can first try to research whether they are safe to eat. If you found out that the mushrooms growing on your lawn are edible, and then why not try to cook them? Pick the mushrooms and preserve them in vegetable oil. You can use them in cooking various dishes. If you personally do not like mushrooms, then you can try to offer it to your friends and neighbors for some cash, or just give them away for free.

Clean your lawn

Fungi come from clumps of dirt and bacteria. It will be best if you will keep your lawn clean to discourage mushroom growth. Mow your lawn regularly. But do not trim the grasses too short. Desired height of lawn grass is about two inches. Garbage, litter and dry leaves should be removed from the lawn. Basically, keep your lawn properly maintained in order to keep your lawn away from lawn mushrooms and other bacteria.

Deprive your lawn of water

Lawn mushrooms, like any other fungi, multiply rapidly when there is moisture. If you want to kill those lawn mushrooms, you should lessen the amount of water circulating in your lawn. Although this might affect your plants, you need to reduce the amount of water that you use on your lawn so that lawn mushrooms will stop multiplying.

Do not over fertilize

Using too much fertilizer on your soil will provide a healthy place for mushrooms to grow. Your plants can only take a certain amount of fertilizer. All excess will be free for mushrooms to get so if you have plants in your lawn, use only the right amount of fertilizer.

Remove mushroom sprouts

Lawn mushrooms release loads of spores to the soil and air. Over time, these spores will produce more mushrooms again. So the best thing to do to get rid of lawn mushrooms is to manually remove the lawn mushrooms. You have to remove the mushroom fruit, as well as its root to prevent it from coming back.

Trim with mower and bleach it

If there are too many lawn mushrooms for you to manually take out, you can run them with your lawn mower. Afterwards, mix water and bleach together and spray it on the soil where the mushroom used to grow.

If there are other plants in your lawn, instead of using water and bleach solution, you can opt to pour the bleach directly on the lawn mushrooms. Use about one teaspoon of bleach for every spot of lawn mushroom.

Use fungicide

If the mushrooms in your lawn are quite persistent, then maybe it’s time to use another level of mushroom removal. You can opt to apply fungicide in your lawn. Before doing this step, be sure that you understand how to administer it and if not, ask for help.

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