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How To Get Rid Of Leaves In A Pool

When the sun is up and its heat is at it’s peak, one of the most refreshing activities that you can do is to dive in the pool and swim. The refreshing, cool water can help take away the stress and even burn the carbs that are in your body. But what if you are all ready to go out for a relaxing swim in your pool and you suddenly see those fallen leaves floating on your pool’s surface? Sounds quite icky and disappointing, especially if you already are wearing your favorite swimsuit. But do not fret. There are easy fixes for those unwanted leaves on your pool.

Cleaning pools is probably one of the most daunting tasks. You have to manually pick up all the trash and then clean the water as well. But even though it is tiring, you cannot just leave your pool filled with grime because you are the one who is going to be affected by the germs and bacteria floating around it anyway. So if you have a big pool that you always use to entertain your family and friends that is full of unwanted fallen leaves, here are some things that you can do to get rid of leaves in a pool.

Rake it

Probably the simplest thing you can do to clean your pool is to use a leaf rake to take out all those unwanted leaves. Simply rake the leaves that you see floating around and place that dirt that you have caught in a garbage bag. If there are lots of leaves, then it may take you some time to finish. But what is a couple of minutes in exchange of a safe pool to swim at, right?

Use a net

Another common remedy to remove leaves from your pool is to use a net. You can either use a traditional fishnet or create a pool net scoop. These are used like the leaf rake only that instead of raking, you scoop up the leaves with the net. If you know how to fish, you can just hatch the net to capture many leaves at once. If there are only several pieces of leaves floating, using a net scoop is enough.

Vacuum up

If there are loads of leaves in your pool, you can use the vacuum to suck them all up. Then, simply release all the leaves that you have captured in a garbage bag.

Cover your pool

Covering your when it is not in use can be very effective in getting rid of leaves and other foreign materials in general. You can just get those tarpaulin covers for swimming pools. You can also get a fine screening pool mesh that will filter everything that will fall down to your pool’s surface, including leaves. The use of these materials will definitely lessen the trouble of cleaning up leaves in your pool.

Get pool covers

Aside from tarpaulin and net, one of the most convenient improvements that you can do to your swimming pool area is to add a pool cover. A pool cover will act as a roofing material for your pool. This will protect your pool from any dirt and grime that will fall on your pool. These special pool covers may be really costly though. But if you have the money, why not invest on this valuable improvement for your pool area?

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