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How to Get Rid of Lint in Towel

Who washes towels together with regular clothes? If there are people who do this, then they are presented with a dilemma. On the one hand, the time washing clothes can reduce significantly but on the other hand, they face a worst problem in form of small fibers that have broken down from the towel. These are called lint and they are hard to remove once they cling on the fabric.

Brand new towels have a lot of broken down fibers. No matter how soft and delicate brand new towels are, they have a lot of lint that can affect other clothing. Lint can be annoying since they can also attract dust particles and will hold these particles tightly. Most people just deal with lint the usual way of letting it be, there are ways to remove it.

As mentioned earlier, lint can give people a headache when it gets to their clothing. Just imagine a black t shirt full of lint, you wind up using a tape to remove them and it can be time consuming. Usually preventing lint from getting on your clothes is the best solution and removing lint from the source is the only way to do this:

Wash the towel

No matter how tempting it is to use fresh new towels, you should avoid it to prevent lint from getting on to you. Before using towels, make sure that you wash them first; washing the towel the usual helps but there are regular household ingredients that you can use to double the effect on the towel.

When washing the towels, prepare a hot water cycle and add laundry detergent as well as half a cup of baking soda. This will help remove lint from the towels more effectively. After washing make sure that you drain the water and dry the towels in high temperature.

Another cleaning solution that you can use is vinegar. Soak the towel in the washing machine and let it spin. After a few minutes, pour at least half a cup of vinegar and let it soak for at least 10 minutes. The vinegar keeps the piece of clothing lint free. Remove them from the washing machine and wash it the usual way. Afterwards, dry out the towel in the dryer at high temperature.

Cut off lint out

Excess lint can become tangles which can ruin a perfectly good towel. If there are noticeable excess lint on the towels, you can cut it off with scissors or razors before dumping them in the washing machine. Wash as usual and make sure that when you wash them, they are washed separately from other pieces of clothing. Also, wash towels with the same color as the lint from other colored towel can get on white towels. The excess lint should be thrown away.

Use lint roller

If lint happens to cling on your clothes, you can remove it using lint rollers. These handy devices have adhesives that make the lint stick to the roller and are portable enough which is perfect for removing lint on your clothes while you are outside, saving you from embarrassment.

Lint rollers can also be used in removing lint from towels. Just make sure that you purchase a bigger lint roller since it is guaranteed that the amount of lint that you will get from the towels is plenty.

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