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How To Get Rid Of Mallard Ducks

Mallard ducks or wild ducks are one of the most common duck species found in temperate and subtropical areas. Unfortunately, if you live near wetland ecosystems, Mallard ducks may cross over your fences and swim on your pond or pool.  Mallard ducks are not really house pests but when they get too invasive, they can give a homeowner a hard time, especially when the pool water has just been cleaned and there goes the Mallard ducks, swimming and leaving dirt on the water.

Mallard ducks are quite easy to get rid of, although there are some cases when Mallard ducks can be too infuriating. If you are being bugged by Mallard ducks in your yard, pool or pond, you can try several methods to keep them away. Here are some tips on how to get rid of Mallard ducks.

Guard your pool or pond with fake animals

Mallard ducks will be discouraged from entering your home when they see that there are other animals on your pool or pond. You can buy a fake blow-up alligator toy and place it on your pond. Alligators are feared by many other animals such as Mallard ducks and they will most probably not bother to enter your pool when they see an alligator around. Another fake animal that works is a large goose or swan. When the Mallard ducks see that there are other birds in the area, they will not join them.

Aside from putting animals on your pool or pond, you can also place some fake animals around your lot so that once the mallard ducks sees them; they will not dare land on your ground. Fake snakes can usually do the trick. However, in order not to scare of your neighbors, you should warn them that those fake animals are actually not harmful.

Dogs versus Mallard ducks

If you have a dog, you can just let them roam around your ground. One dog is enough to shoo away landing Mallard ducks. If your dog is quite aggressive, you can tie him up near the pool or pond where he can easily be seen by invasive Mallard ducks. Be sure that your dog is big enough to handle them. A small Shih Tzu will not work with Mallard ducks.

Install a pool cover

If you live in a place that is constantly visited by Mallard ducks, you can invest in a pool cover. If the water resources are covered, Mallard ducks will have nowhere to swim at. Although pool covers may cost you some cash, it can relieve your worries and annoyance with invasive Mallard ducks.

Make them your pets

If those Mallard ducks are not really owned by anyone you know, you can adopt them to be your pets. Mallard ducks are actually in demand in some places and there are people who are interested in raising Mallard ducks. You can post advertisements about Mallard ducks for sale on the Internet and you can even get money for it. You can also capture those Mallard ducks and bring them to Mallard duck farms in exchange of some cash.

Call animal control

No matter how annoyed are you with those Mallard ducks, you cannot really lay a finger on them. Most animal species are protected by law so you will be fined if you harm them in any way. The best thing that you can do is to call animal control and have them remove those Mallard ducks for you.

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